Episode #88 - Stage Fight

Ash and friends come upon a Pokemon showboat. They are running a show inside, and so they go to see it. They watch as all the Pokemon start talking and act out a play. They are very impressed that the Pokemon can talk, but at the same time, Togepi wanders off from Misty, and goes backstage.

They follow Togepi backstage to notice that the Pokemon aren't actually talking, but there are voice actors backstage performing the voices to the Pokemon's mouth movements. A girl who is supposed to be part of the show notices Pikachu and Ash together, and comments on how lucky they are that they get along so well. She isn't doing so well with her Raichu. By request of the girl, Ash tries to help Raichu and her get along better.

It doesn't help until Team Rocket intrude and she jumps to save Raichu from hitting against a wall. Team Rocket threaten to explode the boat if they don't follow their orders, so they agree. All tied up, they go to try to make friends with the Pokemon they're stealing, but they aren't exactly thrilled to be friends. Hitmonchan punches James in the face really hard given a nod by it's tied up master peeking in. Then all the Pokemon agree to do the voice thing with all their voice actors standing behind Team Rocket.

As they start to "talk" Meowth quite suddenly becomes sympathetic with them, remembering the hard times he went through learning to talk. So, James calls on Victreebel who only bites onto his head again, so Jessie orders Weezing to blow gas, and ends up choking everyone. So, after Raichu and the girl make up, they finally defeat Team Rocket.

After the event, it seems one of the actors lost his voice, and can't do the show, so Raichu and the girl, as well as Ash and Pikachu volunteer to fill the spot. They sing the show's theme song (Pokemon World) to entertain the audience, and seem quite happy to do it.