Episode #91 - Navel Manuevers

Ash and friends are riding on Lapras (like always in the Orange Islands) in search for Navel Island they soon find it, and land. When they get there they see that it's deserted. All of a sudden a person on a sail comes and says if they are in search for the gym leader. He also says Misty's pretty and Misty instantly falls in love.

They follow Danny (that's the guy's name) to this high mountain, which is to be the gym. There's a sign, the sign says that the trainer has to climb the mountain using no help from their Pokemon. Misty and Tracey use the monorail. Ash and Danny climbed the mountain.

After a while Ash and Danny finally get to the top. Danny tells them that he's the gym leader and they go straight to battle. The first task is to freeze a gyser. Danny beats Ash (using a Lapras) with a Nidoqueen. The second task is to use 3 Pokemon to make a sled, out of ice, Ash wins this with help of Charizard. The third task, and the final one is to ride the sled down the mountain to the finish line. Team Rocket made a trap which Danny and Ash fall into. They get out and of course get Pikachu back. The continue the race and eventually Ash wins! Ash gets the Rubyshell badge and sail to there next adventure!!