Episode #92 - Snack Attack

Today, and and friends are riding on Lapras, just like always. They spot seven islands, covered with tasty grapefruit. And so, Lapras was swimming full speed, and heading for the islands.

When they arrived at one of the islands, Ash took a grapefruit off of the trees. A girl named Ruby ran over and said, "Stop, theives!" Then she realized that they weren't theives, and that the gang didn't know that they can't pick the fruits. Ruby explained that these days, someone keeps on stealing the grapefruit. She told them how much time it took to grow these fruit, and the trees were like her children. A man came over and told Ruby that the theives has struck again. Ash, Misty, Tracey, and Ruby ran with that man, and saw trees. But the tree branches were ripped off, and so were the grapefruit. The man then pointed in a direction, and all of them were suprised. A Snorlax was eating grapefruit. It ate and ate until the whole island was empty. Then it swam to the next island.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket were stealing grapefruit too on the next island. Just as they were about to leave, Snorlax tackled them down and ate the grapefruit that Team Rocket stole. Snorlax ate more and more. Ash and friends were helping the rest to pick all the fruit before Snorlax can get to it. But Snorlax just ate all that fruit, and went on to the third island.

They decided to make Snorlax fall asleep, while Ruby and some helpers are trying to pick all the fruit and put it inside a storage tank. Misty tied to let Snorlax count Snorlax, but fell asleep herself. Ruby called on Ash and friends to go somewhere, and they followed her. Every one of her helpers were asleep, and all have marks on their faces. Ash and friends know it was Jigglypuff who did this, and made a stage for Jigglypuff so it could appear and sing Snorlax to sleep. Snorlax was running towards them, and Jigglypuff saved the day. Ash then captured Snorlax, and fell asleep himself.

In the end, Ruby thanked Ash and friends for saving all the grapefruit, and gave them candy grapefruit peels.