Episode #93 - A Shipfull Of Shivers

As the gang arrive on another island, they hear of a 300 year old Orange League trophy and decide to go see it the next day in the museum it is in. Unfortunately, Team Rocket broke in at night and stoled the trophy, but as they are escaping, James trips and leaves an imprint of his body on the ground.

The next day, they are shocked to hear the news, but see some legs sticking out of a bush, only to find it's James'. Exhausted from their celebration the previous night, they accidentally admit to stealing it but get away again and start to pedal out to sea in a Seadra pedal boat.

After entering thick fog, they come across a deserted ship where they decide to hold up. The group also find the ship, with the Seadra boat beside, and climb aboard to try and find Team Rocket.

As soon as they get on, Togepi wanders off, and they finally find it with a Gastly and Haunter playing. The two ghosts then stoled the trophy off Team Rocket and Ash tried to get it back for the museum. Haunter and Gastly use Meowth as a puppet and tells them their story about their master and how he won the trophy.

After agreeing to leave the ship with the trophy on board rightfully, Team Rocket again try to steal it, but are soon dealt with by Pikachu and Haunter. The gang leave the ship, which floats into the sky, and the trophy where it should belong.