Episode #94 - Meowth Rules

Team Rocket are working on their sub as Meowth fusses over a small clam he found saying he's the happiest Meowth in the World. James checks to see if he can produce some money using Pay Day, and starts shaking Meowth violently. They hear a rattle on James so Jessie starts shaking James to see if he's got any money. A bottle cap falls out, and James explains it's his favorite and doesn't want to let it go.

So, they see Ash's group floating by on Lapras and try to attack, but their sub starts sinking. Anyway, Squirtle water gun's them off again, but Meowth was hiding, and when he comes out, Squirtle blasts him too, sending him flying off way far to an island where a group of people worship him to bring them money.

They offer a banquet of food and good treatment bowing before him "Hail the Meowth of bounty!" Ash's group headed towards the island, fearing he'll be found out as part of Team Rocket and being condemned by the villagers, he asks them to get rid of the kids on the Lapras, that they'll bring bad fortune and luck to the people. So, they bring out the large golden mechanical Meowth which chases them away.

Later Team Rocket finds their way to the island, and are shown to Meowth so he can decide what to do with them. Thinking they may ruin his fortune, he orders them to be cast away, although he is sad to do so, he fears for his happiness.

Later in the night, they ask Meowth to perform Pay Day so money will rain down on them, but he can't. They shake him, and he admits he cannot do it. They believe all he needs is a little experience battling to remember the attack, so they take him to the stadium to battle where Jessie and James secretly follow disguised to look like villagers.

They have Meowth battle a Nidoking, and check for money. When they find none, they battle Meowth against an Onix who beats up Meowth and when it's squeezing Meowth to death Jessie and James can't take it anymore so they start throwing coins. James throws all he has, being is prized bottle-cap and then Jessie and James depart.

The next day, Meowth wonders how he did it, and upon checking the collection notices James' bottle-cap. Moved by this show of friendship he runs off to find them to rejoin them. But, they hide behind a rock so Meowth won't see them. The villagers ask him to come back, so he explains to them he didn't make the money come, and that true happiness is with your friends. Jessie and James come out from behind the rock saying a special motto for their friend and they hop in the Magikarp sub to float off, the villagers crying out "Please come back Meowth!!" but, Meowth leaves them anyway. Ash's group continue on having no idea why that huge golden Meowth chased them away.