Episode #95 - Tracey Gets Bugged

Tracey is all excited because they have just landed on an island with all bug pokemon. Misty is afraid to go because of her fear of bugs and cowers on the beach. She follows them in and Ash see a bunch of Caterpie. Misty drags him away from them going by a bush where a big Pinsir jumps out at them and Misty runs screaming.

Eventually they come upon an injured Scyther and Tracey puts it to sleep with his Venonat because it won't voluntarily go with them. At the pokemon center the Joy there tells them that the Scyther could have only gotten these injuries from battling another Scyther and losing for control of the pack of scythers. After they lose they have to live by themselves for the rest of there lives or go back to challenge the leader again. The Scyther still very weak lies down on the stretcher with a broken spirit.

Team Rocket appears seeing the flock of Scythers and runs for their lives. James and Meowth look at Jesse and exclaim that her hair isn't there! Jesse's hair had been slashed off by the scyther. Jesse is really mad and the only thing that keeps her from killing the Scyther is James remark of you don't want a crew cut! Jessie and James get a plan and shoot glue sticking the scythers to place.

Tracey's Scyther hears the Scythers call out and flies however weak he is to go and help them. Ash, Tracey and Misty rush after him with Nurse Joy watching them leave to go help... Scyther lands and fress the Scythers from a net, but they are still covered in glue. Ash sends out Pikachu to help Scyther, but Scyther shakes his head at Pikachu and Tracey tells Ash Scyther wants the satisfaction of doing this himself. He attacks Team Rocket until exausted and is about to be hurt be one of their pokemon when the new leader of the Scyther group interscepts it. Together they defeat Team Rocket each running away with a mowhawk. The Scythers wash off the glue in a small pond and Tracey trying to assume Ash's pose recalls Scyther. Ash says he's all wrong and gives him tips on how to improve, by throwing your arm forward and stepping like this until the picture moves up signalling the end to another episode.