Episode #97 - The Mandarin Island Miss Match

Ash and friends who had just arrived on Mandarin island. Ash is in a battle and wins it with Bulbasaur. Ash has just one 3 battles in a row and is feeling confident when he suddenly has to eat. They go off to lunch and Tracey finds out that because Prima is giving a lecture on Pokémon battling, every trainer on the island is battling.

Misty gets really excited when she hears Prima is on the island and wants to go to it. When Misty is telling Tracey how much she adores Prima, Prima appears behind her saying "So I'm a hero am I ?" She ignore's them all and goes right over to Togepi. Team Rocket appears on the hill and James tells Jessie and Meowth that he has seen her somewhere before.

Prima Starts talking about how beuatiful the Ocean and Sun and the sky is and they all think she is weird. Ash demands a battle but Prima keeps on talking about the Sea. Ash gets really annoyed and Misty gets annyoed at Ash for demanding a battle. Ash gets really egotistical and thinks Prima is scared of him. He says to Misty "maybe you want me to teach you a lesson instead of Prima" then says "Hey I guess I could use another easy win". Misty then gets really mad at him.

Ash finds another guy to battle and he uses Squirtle and the trainer uses a Persian. Ash uses a Water gun attack and misses The persian uses ThunderBolt and Sqirtle withdraws. He surviesa nd uses a Skullbash. Ash wins and the Trainer use a Tauros. Squirtle gets beaten by the Tauros Tackle and Ash uses Charizard. The Tauros uses a Take Down and Chaizard uses Flamthrower. It then flys of out of control. when Ash cant call Charizard back Prima uses her Slowbro's Disable attack and brings charizard back.

She then asks Ash and company to the tutorial. She battles a Machamp with her Slowbro, A Marowak with her Dewgong and Kadabra with her Cloyster. After the battle, Ash and company go to her House for a cup of Tea. She finnaly agrees to battle Ash. He uses Pikachu and She uses a Cloyster. Ash uses a ThunderBolt attack and Cloyster withdraws. It doesnt affect Cloyster. Pikachu uses Agility and Cloyster uses Reflect. Pikachu gets knocked back and then uses Thunder. It hardley uses hurts it and Cloyster uses Rage then Aroura Beam then Take Down. Team Rocket come down in the Meowth Ballon and relise that they have no chance against Prima so they will just take Pikachu. Prima battles them instead of Ash and uses her Jynx which uses Ice Beam on Team Rocket and then Blizzard to send Team Rocket blasting off again.

Prima then tells Ash where the next Gym is located. Then then wave good bye to Prima, as they leave the island.