Episode #98 - Wherefore Art Thou Pokemon?

Ash and friends enter a new town where the old looking clocks and the dinging bells are reminiscent of old England. They see a girl running by calling out looking for someone. She asks them if they've seen her Nidoran named Maria. She describes the Nidoran, and says that its the best Pokemon in the world. So, they start searching around for her.

Ash is calling out just like everyone else, and hears someone calling for Tony. Ash starts for a second, and stops. He meets a boy looking for a Nidoran named Tony. He follows Ash back to the crowd. When the Boy sees the girl they look annoyed at each other and accuse each other of stealing their Pokemon.

They have a short stick fight until the two lost Nidorans are found in a bush, Tony picks a rose for Maria and they are happy, until the kids pull them apart.

Later on, the group are in a small restaurant and the chef tells them about the two kids, whose names are Ralph and Emily. They were in competition since they were little, and always managed to catch the exact same Pokemon.

They are later walking by and notice Tony trying to be with Maria, but Emily comes to the window and splashes Tony with water. It seems there is no way for them to be together. Misty tries to get Emily and Ralph together by sending them both letters pretending they came from each other, she sends flowers to Emily and an airplane toy to Ralph.

They meet each other on the road, and mad they have another stick war. After that, two people walk down the road, saying they just got married. They quickly reveal themselves to be Team Rocket, Jessie was the groom and James the bride. They hop into their balloon dangling cans and float away. The group follow the cans to where Team Rocket are hiding in the woods and recover the Nidorans. Team Rocket fight back, and the Nidorans fight hard for each other. They try one more thing, a vacuum to suck up the Nidorans, and so to stop them, Pikachu hops in front of the vacuum with a tree branch to brace himself, and with an evil grin blasts them away with a thunderbolt. The Nidoran are okay, and they kiss evolving into Nidorina and Nidorino.