Episode #99 - Git Along, Little Pokemon

Ash and co. meet up with an ol' cowpoke, who's transporting a herd of Magnemite to Big City, where they can live rich and productive lives as glorified battery packs. The Magnemite are attracted to electricity, so he's using a Jolteon to keep them in check, and traveling across the countryside via Tauros-drawn wagon.

Ash co. joins up with him, and all goes well for the intrepid travelers. At least, all goes well for them, until Team Rocket attacks, and the Jolteon is put out of action. Ash resolves to deliver the Magnemite to Big City himself, since his Pikachu can fill Jolteon's shoes.

Ash and Pikachu continue across the plain, riding one of the Tauros. Team Rocket attacks again, this time using their own static-electricity charged bodies to draw the Magnemite over to where they're standing. Ash and Pikachu drive them off, but the Magnemite scatter in the process, so Ash needs to collect them again.

When Ash and Pikachu have finished rounding up the Magnemite, they do a quick head count, and discover that one is missing. Ash runs off to find it, while Pikachu tries to keep the rest of them together. Unfortunately for Pikachu, Team Rocket attacks yet AGAIN, and since Pikachu is too worn out to ward them off, they easily steal all of the Magnemite.

Ash returns with the remaining Magnemite, just in time to see Team Rocket running off with the rest of the herd. Ash calls to the Magnemite, begging them to run, but the Magnemite don't understand his words. All they know, is that the Rockets are charged with electricity, which makes them far more attractive than some boy and his Pikachu.

The remaining Magnemite jumps out of Ash's arms, apparently ready to follow the rest of its herd...but instead, it glows white, and evolves into a Magneton! Magneton begins to generate electricity, overpowering the Rockets, and drawing the Magnemite back towards itself. The Magnemite then flock around Pikachu, and give it a jump start! Fully charged, Pikachu Thunderbolts the Rockets, sending them flying into the starry night sky.

When Misty, Tracey, and the old cowboy arrive in Big City, it is brightly lit, thanks to the industrious Magnemite.