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General Information


Information TITLE: Latios and Latias

JAPANESE NAME: Guardian Spirits of the Water Capital

May 16, 2003 (US)
July 13, 2002 (JP)


Alto Mare is a island all of its own... the style, the way it's built, location, even what it's famous for: A city comprised upon the basis of water as transportation. The beauty and sites on Alto Mare gave it the title, "The Water Capital". But there's something else behind Alto Mare...

A long time ago in Alto Mare, a husband and wife found two children, both brother and sister along the shores knocked out. They took them home and cared for them until they got better. The children came to love the two who helped them, but all seemed a bit disasterous as one day... a dark cloud came over Alto Mare. Soon it rained strange crystals that instantly converted their buildings into this dark mass. The husband and wife were outside, and couldn't find means to protect the two children. Suddenly however, the two started to glow, and the crystals were destroyed in mid-air. Then they floated upwards, revealing that these two were amongst the legendary Pokemon: Latios and Latias. They summoned more of their kind to save Alto Mare from iminent destruction. Soon the cloud was swept out of existance, all but one Latios and Latias stayed in Alto Mare to give them the Teardrop Of The Heart behind.

Or so an interesting story as two women, one with blonde hair with huge spiral ends, and another with blue, rather normal hair, read through the legend of Alto Mare in a huge archive. They had to cut it short, as a security guard was approaching. The two escaped like ninjas through an open window. When the guard came by, he was shocked to see one book missing. In place was a rose and a card, which soon flew to him when the books aside collasped in the empty space. The rose seems to be a familar sign... The card... well it had a insignia of some sort. As for the two women, they escaped to a flashy car which then sped off and turned into a jet plane. (Just imagine, they took the old Batmobile, painted it pink, and modified it a bit more) These two are Rockets, known as Zanna and Rion. They soon head over to Alto Mare.


The whole city of Alto Mare shows overhead in a birds-eye view fashion. Then going into the ocean for a tidal wave effect, the title of the movie appearing after the waters recede.

Today is one of those special days in Alto Mare, in fact it's probably one of the biggest. Today's the day of a race in the many canals of Alto Mare, the winner recieves a elusive trophy. Aside from the many racers, two of them happen to be Ash (using Totodile) and Misty. (using Corsola) Brock cheers on for both of them on a bridge just some ways, and soon the race starts. At the start, Ash, Misty and one other person using a Wailmer keeps it up neck-and-neck in first place. While Brock spectates, a random woman comes near him, Brock getting the mushy feelings accidently taps Pikachu off. Fortunately for Pikachu, he lands on Ash, unfornately for Ash for a moment.

This goes on, and it happens to be that two odd transparent figures fly about through the city. Ash. Misty and the other are still keeping a good match up with first place, but soon the path hits tight squeezes. The figures zip about, coming across Jesse, James and Meowth who are gorging themselves on pasta. The figures soon fly by some more people watching, right outside their windows. One girl happens to notice something strange, but can't make it out. Ash does well until he gets to a too tight of a turn and nearly smashes into a wall. However, something grabs onto him before he does, strange... Ash is now lagging really badly after that wipeout, but he's not going to quit just yet. But when he out of the tight spots, something grabs onto the rope, and Ash really zooms far. He just gets inches to Misty and the other, but suddenly makes a quick turn in an ally, off the course! Just that whatever's pulling Ash won't stop, and he soon hits some stairs and manages to jump over the brick guard rail on the other side.

As for Misty, she's keeping it good, and when they hit the mark, it's close finish. Though Misty has a wipe out, Corsola managed to win by a small shot. Meanwhile, Ash sits on the stairs, a bit sulky, but he doesn't mind that he lost. The other man congratulates Misty on her win. He also mentions he's a boat driver around here, so he'll take the gang around.

At the man's boat, Ash and Brock look at the scenery for a mement before they ask about the trophy Misty got. Misty held it up, it was circle made of glass with a green tint. It had the shape of two beings on the side and a sparkling circle in the middle. It wasn't before long that they passed two statues on pillars of two Pokemon. Ash asks about what are those two Pokemon. The man explains that the one on the right is Latios, the one on the left, Latias. Both are guardian Pokemon of Alto Mare, no one's really seen them, but everybody knows 'em.

Next to them was a courtyard to a large building, and flying around it was a little remote cambug. The bug belonged to none other than Zanna and Rion, who was surveying the city for the two Pokemon. Rion fixed the bugs with a infrared scanner, simply noting that a Pokemon who can mimic human form, can't mimic humans altogether. The people walking around appeared all normal, until a blue figure came by. It was definitely their mark and they soon head off.

Ash and co. soon walk around the back places of Alto Mare. While they're walking, Pikachu noticed a water pump. Really thirsty anyway, Pikachu went off to the pump to get some water. By the time he got there, the person who was there originally left. Pikachu was a little disappointed but soon the water started up, he looked at there was a girl, dressed up in a white skirt and a green shirt, her hair style looking oddly familar, pumping water for him. Pikachu happily drank, and then Ash caught up with him. But when he got there, the girl was already off and Ash only got a glimspe before he followed after her. In a place like Alto Mare, it's a mere ant colony, getting lost? Well it's a better trait here.

The girl is soon seen walking along one canal, when Zanna and Rion show up. Zanna takes a look at her with some special glasses, which reveals that this girl is Latias! They go up to her, speaking a bit before calling her Latias. Latias was shocked, and simply tried to run away from the two. Zanna and Rion then sent out Espeon and Araidos to try to get things worked up. The Espeon gave the chase while Araidos went around to cut her off. With no other way to turn around, the two Rockets decided to attack now. Espeon got Latias with a Psychic, Araidos tying her up with String Shot.

Soon Ash came and stopped the fight before anything else happened. He soon pulled on the webbing. Soon the Rocket seemed to tease him a bit before Zanna told Espeon to give him a Psybeam. Ash took it quite well, and managed to escape with Latias before anything could happen, the Pokemon soon giving the chase. Taking advantage of such a place like this, Ash led Latias around in random directions in hopes to lose the two Pokemon that were chasing after them. It took a while, but Ash managed to lose them. After a bit, Latias soon led Ash someplace else, that someplace being where Misty and Brock were in a small courtyard enjoying some Ice cream. When Ash looked back, Latias was gone.

With that little incident out of the blue for now, Ash just takes it easy and the gang heads over to the museum of Alto Mare. However, Zanna and Rion spy upon them with a another cambug, and soon head off to find Ash. While they go, they zip by Jesse, James and Meowth who just about to start their ice cream cone, but was drenched by Zanna and Rion's boat. Jesse gets all mad, but James knows them. Those two are the number one members of Team Rocket. Jesse looking foraward to any competition, decides to do whatever they do to try to get to the top.

The place seems pretty big on the outside, but a few things shown on the inside. While they walk in the building, they come across some fossils embedded in the tiles. Misty gets a little jumpy at first but soon a chubby man sporting Mario's outfit explains that it's only just a fossil. The bigger catch, is the huge machine up ahead. He shows him to another room, in it is a huge contraption that's surrounded by big pillars, and a some circle with designs on it is in front of it. Up near the roof are stained glass pictures from the book Zanna and Rion stole the other time. He explains that this machine litterally controls the whole island if something happens. Or at least that's the legend says.

Ash looks up and notices that there's a girl painting. The girl looks exactly like the one he saw earlier, only this time she was wearing a large white beret. He gets a closer look, but accidently puts his elbows on the pillars, which gets him a scolding. When he looked back, the girl was packing up and leaving. He ran out, telling Misty and Brock he'd be at the Pokemon Center before lights out. Ash soon runs after the girl, but every where he gets to, she's always near, but so far. He goes through the building's balcony, courtyard, then finally he ends up talking with her on the other side of a canal, apparently she angrily replies with a "Who are you?" She walks off and Ash continues to go after her. Suddenly, he comes to a four-way intersection, no one in sight... Using his instincts, Ash heads to his left.

He soon runs into another canal, no one there but boats and people. He looks up at the bridge, noticing that the girl is there. Huh... this time she doesn't have her beret, or sketchbook for that matter. She runs off, wanting Ash to follow her. After a bit of going through various alleys and roads, Ash is lead to a vine-covered road which he hesistates to walk through. After that, he finds the girl in a dead end, then she walks IN the wall. Ash is a little puzzled, but soon Pikachu walks through it as well, then Ash takes a breath, and walks through it.

The other end seemed to be a dark passageway, but soon brightened to reveal a huge garden with huge trees planted in places. Ash looked around, seeing the girl on a swing. He soon ran to her, but something came out of the water and headed straight for them! Pikachu tried to shock it, but the being dodged it! It soon tackled down Pikachu and went off, making another run to them. All of a sudden, the girl came and stood right in front of Ash, the being stopping and revealing itself to be Latios! Latios was pretty angry for Ash being here, and seemingly yelling at the girl, however the girl never spoke one word. Soon a voice came by, and... it was the same person? Another of the same girl came by, except this one had the beret and sketchbook. She yelled at Ash for a minute, then told Latios to attack him, but the other girl stopped Latios. Then the man from the museum showed up, he cleared things up for them. He then explained that all Latias wanted to do was play with Ash, so if she wanted to, she could. The other girl was happy and took Ash to the swing. Ash noticed that the man called her Latias, and while they were swinging, the girl did reveal herself to be Latias! Ash was so surprised that he litterally jumped off the swing.

Latios on the other hand seemed to take this well, even giving Pikachu a lick to prove it. Latios soon gave Pikachu a ride around, Latias soon joining up with him. Soon the real girl mentions her name is Kanon. On the outside, she's nothing more than a artist, but here, she takes care of the two. The man is her father, a care-taker of the museum and a boat maker. They walk around a bit while Latios and Latias play with Pikachu in the air. One spot the two show Ash is the legend of the island, and one more thing, the Teardrop Of The Heart.They all gathered around a little pool of water it was in. This was the source of the water for Alto Mare, it's what keeps everything going. After a few moments of looking at it, Latias picks up Ash and flies over the pool of water just infront of where the Teardrop is. Except she can't really hold on for long and lets go, Latios simply catches him on the way down. While all this is happening, a cambug seems to be in the garden... it looks like the two know where Latios and Latias resides.

It looks like they want to show Ash a little trick they can do. Latios folds up his arms and soon dives into the pool, where a tunnel is connected to the city. His eyes soon glow and Latias's soon does too. Soon the scenery where Ash is at turns into the underwater scene that Latios is in. Ash wonders what this is, but Kanon explains that Latias can project whatever Latios can see. Soon Latios swims past a school of Remoraid, Ash and the others see them go by as well. The sight is certainly a marvelous one. Soon it gets late, and Ash has to get back to the Pokemon Center as he promised his friends. Latias doesn't want him to leave though, but these things have to happen. Kanon's father leads Ash to his boat house, which is connected to the garden. Kanon will give him a ride to the Center, Ash says his goodbyes and they start off.

Ash asks Kanon a few things during the ride. One of them being why Latias is sometimes her. Well Latias is a playful one next to Latios. She tends to get a little lonely sometimes and the only other way is to go about Alto Mare, randomly doing things. But since she can't use her Pokemon form, Latias resorts to using Kanon's form. Kanon and the two Pokemon are best friends, so why not mimic the one you like so much?

Later that night, Zanna and Rion make their move to the garden. They hop buildings to get there without notice. Jesse, James, and Meowth soon try to follow the same, but after a while they slip and fal on a lamp post. All the while their hanging, Wobuffet comes out of turn and sends them plummeting. When they reached Kanon's house, they send Espeon to take out Kanon's father in the boat house. While he's knocked out, the Rockets make their move. Upon entering the garden, Latios wakes up from his sleep, then Latias does too and follows as Latios finds them. He tries to tackle the Rockets, but they cartwheel out of the way. Then Latios rounds up for Rion, which she simply goes down the hill. With no other way through this, Latios and Latias resorts to camoufloguing and try attacking from there. It's no good, Zanna and Rion can still time their dodges perfectly. The Rockets soon put on their special shades that let them see where he is. Finding him, Zanna tells her Espeon to use Swift on him. The attack hits, making him visible. Rion on the other side tells her Araidos to use Night Shade. It hits Latias, but Latios gets in the way halfway through the attack. Latios soon goes down, then Zanna tosses a bola-like ball which opens up a into a net that secures Latios.

With Latias alone, Zanna says to do a Tackle. Latios gets in the way once more, despite that net around him. Latias tries to help Latios, but the Rockets take advantage of this, nearly finishing Latias off with a Psychic. Zanna tries to through another ball, but once more Latios gets in the way. He yells at Latias to get out before she gets caught, and she soon goes off into the pool Latios took the other time, saddened. With their victory catch, Rion soon tries to pull out the Teardrop Of The Heart. It's a little wedged in at first, but she manages to pull it out. The orb sparkles with light on the inside, making it look very beautiful. The two exchange possesion of it, then Rion takes a snap shot of the tiles that form the legend with her laptop. The Laptop soon rearranges them and decodes the whole legend. Now to put it to work...

Latias goes to the Pokemon Center, only knowing that one person can help her brother. The windo is left open, Pikachu notices something easily. When Ash wakes up, Latias stands there, as Kanon. He gets a little bit confused at who's who at first but he figures it out when Latias soon sobs on his shoulder. (Since Latias can't talk in her Kanon form, she doesn't make any noise there either) Back at the garden, Kanon and her father run to the scene, a little too late to realize that the Teardrop Of The Heart is gone.

Meanwhile, Zanna and Rion carry Latios to the machine in the museum. They begin the phase to work the machine. Step 1: Place the guardains (in this case, guardian) upon the pedistal. They do so, and soon three rings similar to the traps Lawrence III used back in the second movie, surround Latios. Soon a pattern of lines glow red, providing the energy. The pillars of the machine soon come down, and the main machine itself appears. The machine itself looks like a scale of some kind, one end has a large orb, the other has some sort of thing to place something on. Multiple arms jut out, which looks rather made in weird designs.

Step 2: Place the Teardrop Of The Heart in the placement holder. Rion takes care of that part, and places the orb in a holding place that soon clamps it down. Before they could move on, Kanon and her father soon enter. They are soon taken care of with a Psychic. Step 3: Manually control the effects from there. The large orb soon goes in front of them, but it's a single seater. Zanna doesn't really like the idea of doing this, so Rion gladly goes in.

Back at the center, Brock and Misty meet Latias. It's a little hard to swallow with her looking like Kanon at the moment, but Ash knows that there is something up and they need to take care of it. Soon Latias reveals herself to Brock and Misty, who soon become surprised. Soon Latias eyes glow, and their taken to see w hat Latios sees. Misty and Brock are obviously surprised, but they look around. They soon see that Kanon is there, held hostage. They see that Rion starts to control the machine, which takes energy from Latios to power it's various functions. One thing she does is revive the fossils of the Aerodactyl and Kabutops that where embedded. They come to life through the machine, and Rion ordered them to find Latias. That was just about then that Latios passed out, and Latias "lost connection." Ash soon puts one more thing on his agenda, get Latios out.

The next thing Rion wanted to do, was to prevent anybody from coming in. To do so, she initiated a total lockdown on the city, just by that machine. Soon everywhere where there was a balcony or place fit for a door, cages and other type of blocks soon formed up. Jesse, James and Meowth happened to be in an alley when this started up, first their front was blocked off, then their backs, leaving them trapped.

Ash looked out the window to see what was happening. Soon the bars started to form up on the balcony and he jumped out with Latias before it was too late. Ash said to Misty and Brock that he'll go on, they'll just have to find their way through. Ash tried to go around on foot, but nothing was open. Finding no other way, he decided to take a boat ride. While he was going through the canal, the Aerodactyl soon attacked from behind, grabbing Latios. Ash stopped and jumped onto the Aerodactyl, then told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. The attack worked, but Latias went off scared. Then the Aerodactyl was charging up a Hyperbeam, there as no other place to go, so Ash and Pikachu made a swim for it. The Aerodactyl missed by a hair, but the attack forced Ash underwater. Latias soon peeked out and then noticed the Aerodactyl was gone. She then went underwater to help Ash up, then everything seemed okay, except a ride through. He then looked at the side, there were some left over pods they used for the race earlier. Only one thing to do and soon Latias soared through the canals pulling Ash behind.

Soon the Aerodactyl was on their tail again. Latias kept up the speed, and tried ways to stop it from following them. She soon went in a narrow canal, which was enough to stop the Aerodactyl. But as they were coming along, they sped passed the Kabutops, which soon ran after them with incredible speed.

Someplace else, Brock tries to open up the bars but has no luck. Misty tells him maybe they should just send out their Pokemon to find and help Ash before anything happens. Brock sends out Crobat while Misty with Politoed and Corsola. As they head off, Brock climbs the fence.

The Kabutops is easily able to keep up with Ash and Latias, as water isn't going to stop him. Latias rounds one corner, but makes it too deep and causes Ash to land on a side road. Though the Kabutops did catch up, it was tackled by Crobat, then squirted down by Corsola and Politoed. Thanking them, Ash and Latias soon head off to the museum. Zanna notes that Ash is coming, but it's no problem. Rion soon uses yet another option upon the machine that contols the water. When Ash and Latias made it to the large canal just before the museum, the water soon starts to come alive as they make it to the grounds. The water glides along the cracks of the tiles then manages to trap Ash and Latias in square before becoming a large column of water. Rion seems to be controlling this, which she waves her hands around like a conductor of a high-speed orchestra. Zanna on the other hand seems a little worried that Rion is a little, nuts. The water in turn soon was choking Ash and Latias. Latias soon glew and soon produced a ball of light that surrounded her, stopping the water. She did get some of the wind knocked out of her, but was okay.

However, as soon as Latias did this, the machine started to go haywire for a minute. They made it to the machine as it started to mess up, Rion's control not working at all. Soon the machine started to spin around. Ash soon tries to free Kanon, but the webbing is too tight. He tells Pikachu to Thundershock the web, which cuts it enough for Ash to tear it. Latias on the other hand rams into the rings around Latios, which only reflects her back. She tries this again, but is bounced back. With one other way, Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt, but the barrier soon reflects the bolt back at them. All in the while, the machine closed the control hatch, leaving Rion trapped as it spun around. No other option but tackling seems to help. Soon Ash, Pikachu, and Latias tackle at the barrier, all not working. Soon Latias devolops the ball of light around her and rams into the barrier, enough to shut it down. Ash, Kanon, and her father soon start to grab Latios out, which takes a while, but managed to work.

The machine soon stopped, and the control pod opened back up. Zanna went up to check Rion, who was shaken out for the moment. All at once, the bars started to open back up, and soon the Aerodactyl and Kabutops where turned back to the fossils they were in the museum. She then went to the Teardrop Of the Heart... it was purple. She picked it up and it shattered right in her hand. Everyone soon knew this was going to be bad news. The machine closed up, Zanna falling into the control pod with Rion.

All around Alto Mare, the waters started to recede back towards the ocean. The ocean itself soon started to drain out towards the horizon. Ash, Kanon, her father, Latios, and Latias soon went out, this wasn't good at all. Then Latios and Latias soon went towards the top of the building, spinning around a sun-like crest that was there. This was the plan to bring the waters back. However, they got more than they bargained for. The waters came back as a huge tidal wave!

Knowing what to do, the guardians flew over towards the tidal wave. After a ways there, they started to glow, white. Then just as they near the waves, they fused together in a single ball of light. Just as the waves hit them, the ball of light grew, and soon all the waters in the wave stopped, barely wiping out a small island in the distance. The glow continued, and the waters barely did a thing to the city. However...

In the light Latias looked around, wondering where her brother is. But when she looked one way, she did... only he was energy, his body only looking like the same color of how the Teardrop Of The Heart glew. Latias seemed a little sad, but Latias placed his hand upon hers, gave a little nod and then accended. Where Ash was standing, the ball of light soon became a shaft of light. After a while, the light was gone.

The next day, Ash, Misty, Brock, Kanon, and her father set off to find Latios and Latias. After a moment, Pikachu looked and noticed a Wailmer and some other water Pokemon were carrying Latias. They got her onto the boat, Latias soon woke up. She looked around franctically for Latios, as well as the others, but soon Kanon's father knew something. That shaft of light was Latios... he expended too much energy while he was used up, and in turn, gave up his life. But soon Latias's eyes glew and they were brought in the eyes of Latios. They saw that he was still accending, the earth visible and getting smaller. Everyone soon realized... he was gone. Then the visual went black, all the light gathering just in front of Kanon. She placed her hand out, and the light became a new Teardrop Of The Heart. A momento left behind of Latios. The projection soon stopped, Kanon still having the Teardrop Of The Heart...Latias soon was saddened. But soon Ash comforted her, sure she lost her brother... but he left something behind for her to remember him by.

Kanon soon placed the Teardop back into its proper place, the pool becoming lively once more as it did. She thanked Ash, as well as her father and Latias. And things... well seemed normal once more.

Later that day, the gang was on a boat back to the mainland. But just before they left, they made a pitstop at Kanon's house. Ash asked Kanon's father if Kanon was home. He called up to the window to her room... apparently there was no answer. Ash said to say goodbye for them next time he sees her and they were off. Back in Kanon's room however... Kanon and picked up a rolled up paper before leaving. Along the way Ash noticed Kanon running across a bridge and told the boat driver to stop. He soon met up with Kanon at the end of a pier and said his goodbye. Kanon soon gave him the paper, and kissed him on the cheek. Misty and Brock soon where both equally surprised at this. But Brock managed to almost praise Ash on this. Afterwards, Kanon ran off... But Ash knew someting... It wasn't Kanon, it was Latias, thanking him. Ash unrolled the paper, it was a painting of him and Pikachu on his shoulder...

After a moment out at sea, Ash notices three figures in the sky. They breifly reveal themselves, two of them appear to be Latios, the other Latias... It looks like Alto Mare can rest once more.

Meanwhile... Back in the machine, Zanna and Rion talk about Oddish's evolutions, mainly over what looks better and somethings like that. Their Pokemon simply just watch them from below, all puzzled. Then the slightly opened orb closes shut.

By: Xeno Lugia




Information TITLE: Camp Pikachu

JAPANESE NAME: Pika-Pika Starlit Sky Camp

RELEASE DATE: July 13, 2002 (JP)

Other Info Wynaut, the pre-evolution of Wobbuffet, will appear in this short movie.


Along the many mountainous areas of Johto, a train runs from the big city to the big country. On one of the cars are the Pichu twins. The train came out of a tunnel recently, blowing the soot it made into their faces. They look at each other and laugh at how they look. Up ahead is a mail bag for trains to catch, but a Skarmory that rested on it soon takes off. The bag spins around and the Pichus are caught and smacked right off the train, being shot off into the forests.

A Wynaut is sitting in a tree, enjoying the fruit when the Pichus fall on the branch and flings them all across the area. Mean while, Pikachu, Togepi, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Corsola, and Psyduck all enjoy a bit of time in the forest, when all of a sudden Pichu, then Pichu, and Wynaut fall upon Psyduck. Pikachu goes checks it out and notices it's the same Pichus from before and they dance about for a moment before Wynaut makes a scene. Everyone greets him and soon they go off to finding some food. They come up to a bunch of grape trees (First berry trees.... now grape trees? Looks like everything grows on trees) and they eat. Totodile apparently has a hard time with one bunch but slips out, splatting on Cyndaquil.

Messy hair Pichu finds a bunch just low enough, but it scuttles when he tries to grab it. He tries to get it again, but the grape just keeps moving away. Finally they figure out its a Sudowoodo. The the Pichus try to nab the grapes but the Sudowoodo wins at the grip. The Sudowoodo so gets off and Wynaut gets into a little arguement, but the Sudowoodo walks off.

Everyone is soon at a pond, washing their faces. One of the Pichus is a little lost about how to so, but simply copies everyone else. Just around the pond are two stair-like rapids, and Totodile soon comes riding down on them, making a big splash on the Pichu brothers. They laugh and splas at Totodile for a moment then Totodile WaterGuns Pichu (the non-messy hair) up on of the rapids which he returns down with shock but soon laughs as he gets down. Totodile then Water Guns the other Pichu and he comes down with the same statement. Everyone finds this fun and soon wants to try it out. Togepi, Psyduck and Corsola all go up and they get pushed up to the top of the falls and comes back down all enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet hike along the mountains of the area, again on some random journey to no-where. Meowth starts to sulk and then all of a sudden, Wobbuffet goes a little too fast and runs into Meowth, tripping and rolling down the hill.

Later that night everyone decides to settle in the forest. Cyndaquil starts up a fire and and everyone settles down and relaxes. Something comes by Pichu (neat hair) however and makes a spooky laughing sound. He looks back, there was nothing... maybe something was there? He walks off into the forest looking around along with Wynaut. The laughing sounds go on and soon Yomawaru appears, coming right at them! Pichu runs behind Wynaut scared but something's wrong. It looks like Wynaut and Yomawaru are friends! They start to talk for a while then Pichu gets an idea.

Back at the campfire, Yowamaru taps on the other Pichu's shoulder, causing him to look around. He walks into the forest a bit, scared about something there. Yowamaru taps on Pichu's shoulder, but when he looked back, Yowamaru dissapeared, appearing behind him with a laugh. This happens a few more times until Yowamaru suddenly shows up and it scares Pichu silly. This causes everyone else to look over at Pichu, and then Wynaut and the other Pichu come out laughing, everyone but the messy-haired Pichu amused. The Yowamaru makes his leave after the laughs.

It starts to rain, everyone wondering how they'll seek cover. Soon a Volbeat comes flying by, carrying a leaf as an umbrella. He flies to them and greets them. Looks like he knows a place where they could sleep for the night. Everyone follows him and goes through some high grass, everyone but Totodile in the back has a leaf. Poor Cyndaquil... Totodile's dancing is slapping mud all over him. They enventually get to an old water-mill building that looks like it's for grinding wheat into flour. They head inside for a moment, looks like everything's okay to sleep in.

Meowth an Wobuffet walk aorund for a while in the rain before running into the mill. They go in and look inside for a while. Meanwhile, everyone else is sleeping on the second floor. While they look around, Wobuffet carelessly hits a switch that soon turns on the place, everything starting to move, all the lights get turned on.Everyone gets up, all trying to get away from anything moving. Psyduck gets stuck running on a wheel for the moment, keeping him occupied. Mean while one of the Pichus gets stuck in a table for a grinder, the grinder coming close. Wynaut came in a got him out before the grinder touched down.

Soon everything becomes a mess. Totodile trying to get a wheel stable sends it rolling down the hallway with him on it, the wheel was headed straight for Pichu and others! He manages to grab a rope however which lower a staircase and the wheel simple goes up. Wynaut on the other hand helps out the other Pichu on a elevator contraption, but soon gets caught in it himself as he goes downwards. On the floor below, Wynaut runs into Wobuffet. Both do some talking back and forth, Meowth a little confused. (Funny scene, Wobuffet and Wynaut exachnage "Sona!" "Sonansu" and so on) After a bit, Wynaut went back up, apparently now the things going on get so rough that soon a few of the Pokemon start to fall from the second floor down. Meowth and Wobuffet get catapulted up into the sky, landing on the stream that soon gets them spun out by the water-wheel.

Now to turn this contraption off. Pikachu, Pichu and Volbeat get to the switch and soon push it. They successfully shut off the machine, everything stopping, everything going back to where it was originally. Soon everyone relaxes and decides to take their long-wanted sleep.

The next morning, everyone goes outside, it's yet another beautiful day.Volbeat departs from the pack, while the group themselves find the train the Pichus were taking. They reach the top of the hill, seeing the train at a station. Soon then everybody slides down on leaves as they go high-speed down the hill. When they get to the bottom, there's a slight bump, when they get over that, they start running. But the train's already moving! Everyone runs fast to the caboose, but only one Pichu manages to get on. The train's already too fast for them, so they find a push car. (Those cars where you have to push down and pull up to move)

They can't move the car, so Wynaut calls out and soon a whole bunch of Wynauts come out. Together, everyone manages to push the the car foward. They catch up to the train at first, but it the train moves faster than they could. With no other option. Cyndaquil moves up to the back and unleashes a flamethrower on the ground which boosts the car fast enough to catchup with the train. Except when Meowth and Wobuffet happen to pass by, they were knocked high into the air, and then they landed on a switch that changed the tracks... right after the train passed it! The car makes a sharp turn but luckily it's heading right to a bridge over the train. Phanpy picks up Pichu and as soon as they hit the bridge, Phanpy tosses Pichu straight for the train. As for the car, it ran right into a pile of wood, sending everyone high up. Pichu on the other hand isn't going to make it to the train, so in mid-air, Totodile uses a Water Gun to push Pichu far enough to the train. Everyone falls onto some hay on a cliff, and Pichu lands on the caboose. The Pichus waves goodbye, as well as everyone else.

As for Meowth and Wobuffet? Well they were launched back up when that switch was hit. They soon landed on the coal car of the train.

By: Xeno Lugia