Poke Funnies

These are very funny pictures and quotes from the Anime, combined to make it ultimately funny. Thanks to TotodileMew11 for the idea, and most of the funnies. If you would like to submit one of these, send it to weicool@gmail.com. Please include an image from the anime.

Well, I'm in the hot spring, but where are the girls? *Whisper* Shoot, I'm moving to Tenchi Muyo!

Misty: Tentacruel, I know you've been trying, but face it, you're addicted to steroids!

Introducing the new Hoothoot Flashlight!!!

See kids? This is what happens when you litter your 6-pack cola can tops...

Raichu: See Pikachu? Those growth pills do work!
Pikachu: Don't they tap into your brain and make you evil? That's what happened to a lot of Pokemon!
Raichu: Dont... Be... silly... *has knife in hand...*


Skarmory: I knew I shouldn't have had Lucky Charms this morning!

Teddiursa: Heh heh heh! Ash is no match for me! Sure, they think I'm cute, but I will destroy the..... *sniff sniff* Is that honey? Yay! *Starts eating honey cutely*

Misty: Look into my eyes...

Pichu: NOW they tell me that Pichu can't fly!!!

Pikachu: No, no! I'm keeping my coffee! I know now that Togepi is A little PINK DWARF!!! Coffee...