About Pokemon

PikachuPo-kay-mon. Po-kee-mon. Pok-uh-mon. No matter how you pronounce it, it's still the same thing: Pokemon! Pokemon are fictional monsters that live alongside humans for fighting competitions and as pets. Pokemon was created by a person named Satoshi Tajiri. When he was small, Satoshi collected bugs. His friends, who didn't collect bugs (who were pretty weird, since they all collected bugs that time), called him Mr. Bug and made fun of him. Not only did Satoshi collect bugs, he also collected many different kinds of animals. These animals will soon inspire him to make one of the greatest things in history. Soon, after he grew up, he thought of Pokemon. That's how Pokemon began.

Pokemon first started out as games for the original Game Boy, the handheld Nintendo game system. There were two games, Pocket Red and Pocket Green. The whole thing was called Poketto Monsutaa (or Pocket Monsters, Pokemon for short). It was called that because the creatures in the games were on the Game Boy, and the handheld game systems fits into your pocket. It became a big hit, and almost everyone in Japan knew about these games. Soon, the games came to North America, and on to other countries. Then came the anime, and then the trading card game. Pokemon was becoming huge, and every kid knew about Pokemon.

Today, Pokemon is still loved by millions all over the planet. Some people enjoy playing Pokemon video games. Some stare at the TV, watching Ash in an intense gym battle in the Pokemon TV show. Others shuffle their Pokemon as cards, and battle with them just like real Pokemon. That's not everything Pokemon has to offer though, as some people even fly in Pokemon jets and eat Pokemon ice cream!

Pokemon has brought a great deal of fun and happiness into the hearts of children, teenagers, and even adults. Pokemon rocks; that's not an opinion, that's a fact! May Pokemon live on forever!

Basic Pokemon Vocabulary

Pokemon: Creatures of all sizes that share the world with humans. They are mainly used in competitions where the trainers control the Pokemon, and the Pokemon fight each other to determine the victor. A match is determined when a Pokemon faints and loses. Other people keep Pokemon as pets.

Trainer: Human who keep and train Pokemon for battles.

Pokemon Master: A Pokemon trainer that has reached expert status.

PokeBall: The most basic device used by trainers to store Pokemon. Higher-level devices include the Great Ball, Ultra Ball, etc.

PokeDex: Device used to identify and give information on Pokemon.

Gym: A place in a city where a trainer challenges a gym leader to a battle in order to earn a badge.

Badge: Eight of these allows you to enter the Pokemon League, where a trainer battles the Elite 4, who are considered to be the greatest Pokemon trainers.