FAQ Center - Pokemon Anime FAQ

Q: How was the Pokemon anime first known to Americans?
A: It was first known after an episode that caused seizures to over 700 Japanese kids, and some adults.

Q: What are the names of "Our Heroes" in Japanese?
A: Ash is Satoshi, Misty is Kasumi, Brock is Takeshi, Tracey is Kenji, May is Haruka, and Max is Masato.

Q: Who is Ash's father?
A: Currently, no one's sure, but the rumor says that he's Giovanni. In episode #2, the episode where Pikachu was at the Pokemon Center, Ash's mom did say that his dad was once a Pokemon trainer.

Q: Does Misty like Ash?
A: Without a doubt, she does. In Pokemon The Movie 2000, Melody kissed Ash on the cheek and Misty gets real jealous. Also, the song on the "2BA Master" CD; "Misty's Song" - Misty says: "I love you Ash!" And a lot of times in different episodes, too many to list out, Misty shows some feelings for Ash; one of those episodes is "Misty Meets Her Match".

Q: How many movies will there be?
A: There is a movie for every season of the show. So as long as the cartoon keeps on going, the movies won't ever stop.

Q: Will Ash capture all 386 Pokemon?
A: First of all, Ash is taking way too slow, so the show isn't going to go on forever like this. Then, the Pokemon World will be brought into destruction if the three legendary birds are caught, and you wouldn't think messing with Mewtwo is so good, now is it? So Ash will not capture all the Pokemon. His goal is to become a Pokemon master, not a Pokemon collector.

Q: Will Pikachu ever evolve?
A: No, it will not. Pikachu will remain a Pikachu until the anime is over (to maintain friendship and cuteness), which I'm sure that it will be for a long time.

Q: Will Ash's old Pokemon come back?
A: This is more of a no than a yes. Ash gives away his Pokemon to have space for his new Pokemon. And if you wonder why doesn't he just tranfer them, the answer is: It would be odd to have him tranfer a Pokemon each time he catches one. But my guess, and only a guess, is that all his old Pokemon will come back on the last episode of the anime.

Q: Will there be any death in Pokemon?
A: Pokemon is more of a kids' cartoon, I suppose. Since they even banned an episode showing James and his fake chest, there is probably no chance of death in the cartoon.

Q: Will the Pokemon cartoon ever end?
A: It depends on the popularity. As long as it still remain popular and new games come it, I'm pretty sure the Pokemon won't end it.

Q: Will Ash ever go back to the Indigo League?
A: I believe that he will. After all, the Indigo League is sort of like the main league, and is in his hometown region.