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Here's the place where you ask Ash a question, and he'll answer. No more questions will be accepted. This page is closed. DO NOT send any more questions. Note that when I write this, I am using Ash's feelings, not mine.

Question: Ash, can you show us the basic method of throwing a pokeball? Submited By: Mewtwo
To throw a pokeball, you must first spread your legs wide out. You look your opponent (human or Pokemon) in the eye, and you turn back your cap, only if you have one, that is. Finally, with all your might, lean back and toss that pokeball out!

Question: Do you like Misty? Submited By: Cuty Pie
He, he, I knew someone would come up with a question like that. Well, what can I say, half yes and half no. The no part is she is always being such a brat. And the yes is that she's cute, lovable, adorable, and a thousand more reasons, oh, did I mention cute?

Question: In Pokemon 3, why didn't you catch Entei? Submited By: ???
First of all, Entei's not just any Pokemon. He's a legendary, something that probably is too powerful and couldn't be caught in my Pokeball. Then again, the people who made the plot didn't make me catch it.

Question: Do you like Melody (she kissed you too)? Submited By: TotodileMew11
Don't like her. I like cuties such as Misty!

Question: Will there be a Johto episode where Misty and Me (Ash) kiss? Submited By: AKUFOUR
To tell you the truth, I wish there was. All I am is some lines and colors, the most I can ask is for those other bunch of lines and colors to kiss me. Not asking much, am I. And no, I don't think they will air it. :(

Question: Ash, how did you trained Pikachu that he is so tough to beat in battles? Submited By: Adaniyal
What other reason? I'm a good trainer! And I'll always get better. Well, actually, without Pikachu, I'm no good trainer, and without me, well, Pikachu wouldn't be so strong.

Question: Have you ever liked any other girl besides Misty? I mean is Misty the only one you like? Submited By: Pamela
Actually, no. I don't think I've been atracted by any other female than cute ol' Misty!

Question: Do you think that you will beat the Johto League? Submited By: Bartok698
Yes, I believe I will. Not only I will beat the challenging Johto League, I will beat every league that comes my way. One day, I'll fulfill my dreams of becoming a Pokemon master!

Question: Can you please tell me why you let your Charizard go in the Charisific Valley? Submited By: Phillip McCoy
Well, Charizard has lots to learn, and has to get started. Charizard is a great Pokemon, and has been with me for a long time. I miss him a lot. But to become a Pokemon Master, you'll have to overcome your sadness. Everyone's going to leave their friends someday, and now's the right time to let Charizard go. Charizard doesn't want to be with me, he wants to be with all the other Charizard to train. I want to be a Pokemon Master, and Charizard wants to be a "Pokemon" Master.

Question: Why don't you let your Squirtle or Bulbasaur evolve? Submited By: Evil-Mewtwo
I would want them if they could. Bulbasaur was about to evolve once, but didn't want to. I don't like forcing people, or Pokemon. Squirtle never got to that level, I guess.

Question: Who is your dad? Submited By: Little Mew
Actually, I don't know. My mom (Ms. Ketchum), never mentioned it to me. So, I don't know. I hope it's not Giovanni, he's a big ol bad guy! ^_-

Question: Hey Ash, if you did find out that you're father was Giovanni, would you join Team Rocket? Submited By: Persian2000
No way!

Question: What would you do if you found out that Misty's dad was your dad? Submited By: Donna
That would really be sad. Too bad ya can't love your sister, well, in that way.

Question: Why do you act so stupid sometimes when it has been seen that you are really not, and why do you keep getting rid of your Pokemon? Submited By: Rocket Girl
I don't think I'm stupid. I get rid of my Pokemon to make room for new ones, 'cause I simply don't like to transfer them.

Question: Are you going to tell your mom about Grandpa Canyon and the Aerodactyl you discovered, and what Aerodactyl almost did to you? Your mom might really like to hear about it! Submited By: Joel Hunt
No, I won't tell her. There are so many other things that goes on in my adventures, so there is too much to tell.

Question: Do you and Gary hate each other? I mean you two are always fighting and bickering about who is a better trainer and all. Submited By: Cat Fan
I sure hate him, and I bet that he sure hates me. Of course, and I don't really want to say this, but Gary is really a better trainer. Though I'm sure someday, I don't know when, I will be a better trainer.

Question: Will you ever catch all Pokemon as the song says gotta catch'em all. Also when are you going to get your Primeape? Submited By: Warchild
There are many legendaries and rare Pokemon out there that no one will ever capture, so I won't catch them all. Also, I'm not going to get Primeape back.