FAQ Center - Site FAQ

Question: Can you tell me how Pokemon Dream started?
Answer: I won't tell you here, but there is a place on the site where you can find out about how Pokemon Dream started. To go there, CLICK HERE.

Question: How did you make Pokemon Dream?
Answer: Pokemon Dream was first made using Notepad (for coding HTML) and Microsoft Paint (for images). Currently, I use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Fireworks, the industry standards.

Question: Who's Mewtwo?
Answer: On Pokemon Dream, two different types of "Mewtwo" exists. The first type is the most powerful Pokemon of all, and the second type is a human being who created and continues to maintain this website (also known as the webmaster). In other words, I'm Mewtwo.

Question: How can I contribute to the site?
Answer: Whatever information (about Pokemon) that you would like to see up on Pokemon Dream will be accepted. Please send them by e-mailing me at wei88_1999@lycos.com.

Question: Can I take anything from PD?
Answer: You need to first ask, but chances are, I won't allow you to take anything.

Question: There's a broken link or an error, what should I do?
Answer: You should contact me immediately at wei88_1999@lycos.com and tell me about it.

Question: I would like to become a helper.
Answer: Don't wait, contact me today at wei88_1999@lycos.com to apply. 50% of all applicants will be accepted.

Question: Where on the site can I find an HTML tutorial?
Answer: You must understand that this is a Pokemon website, not a site on HTML. I know that many Pokemon sites have a section on web design, but I feel that is irrelevant to the site's content. Thus, we don't have one.

Question: Can I have, or become co-webmaster of Pokemon Dream?
Answer: NO WAY. I worked on this site all by myself since day one, with little help from anybody, and made it into a super Pokemon site. I don't trust anyone with my files, and I won't be sharing this site with someone else.

Question: When will this site be 100% finished?
Answer: This site will never be 100% finished. It is updated very often, and I will keep on adding more stuff.

Question: What's your goal?
Answer: My goal is for Pokemon Dream to become the number one Pokemon site.