FAQ Center - Pokemon TCG FAQ

Q: Who makes the English version of the card game?
A: Nintendo of America (Wizards of the Coast used to).

Q: I want a Base Set Charizard!
A: The Base Set Charizard has the same rarity as any other holographic, except it costs a bit more. You can buy a whole box of Base Set boosters too, which currently costs a lot. Look on the web; Base Set Charizards are around $30.00 USD. Only first-edition Charizards are hard to find, and hard to buy if your low on dough (just like all the other first-edition Base Set cards).

Q: How much is a first-edition Base Set booster pack worth?
A: A first-edition Base Set booster is currently worth somewhere around $60. So if you somehow have one of those, don't open it if all you're going to do after opening it is selling the cards. Sell the booster instead.

Q: They say using multiple energies is good...
A: It depends on the player using the deck. If he uses it strategically, he'll (she) win. If not, he'll (she) lose.

Q: How many cards are in a deck?
A: A deck needs to have exactly 60 cards, around half of them should be energy cards, a few of those trainer cards, and the rest, Pokemon cards.

Q: What's a Haymaker?
A: A Haymaker is a deck with tons of trainers, little energy, and fast-killin' Pokemon like Electabuzz and Scyther that truly kicks butt.

Q: What does it mean to stall?
A: It means to just hang in there, and taking a long time doing that.

Q: What are the beads for?
A: The beads are for counting the damage your opponent has done to you.

Q: What is the difference between Team Rocket dark cards and Neo dark cards?
A: First of all, the Neo "dark" cards are called Darkness Cards, and have their own energy symbol. Then, the dark Team Rocket cards are bad Pokemon while Darkness Pokemon are a type of Pokemon.

Q: What's the coin for?
A: When you start playing, you flip this coin to see who attacks first.

Q: Are there Japanese first editions?
A: Japanese Pokemon cards do not have first editions. They just have normal cards.

Q: What are promos?
A: Promos are promotional cards, or special Pokemon cards. Some are given free in the leagues, and some in the movies.

Q: How can I tell if a promo card is rare?
A: A promo card does not have rarity because it doesn't have a symbol.

Q: What are Pokemon cards made of?
A: High quality paper.

Q: How can I tell a counterfeit card from the real thing?
A: First put it under a light. If it shines right through, it's fake. Otherwise, study the text. If it's blury, it's fake. Then, you can also turn the card over to look at it's backside. If it has a heavy purple background (should be blue), then it's fake.

Q: What's the official Pokemon TCG website?
A: http://www.pokemon-tcg.com.