Interesting Facts

Want to know weird, interesting, and even amazing facts about Pokemon? Well, you've come to the right place. On this page you'll find cool info relating to Pokemon, so just look below!

The Pokemon Jets
There are two types of Pokemon jets: Boeing 747 and Boeing 767. They are owned and operated by a Japanese airline company known as ANA (All Nippon Airlines), and have been flying in the skies ever since 1998. These are pretty interesting airplanes. The outside is decorated with many different Pokemon characters and logos, and on the inside, everything has to do with Pokemon. The flight attendants wear Pokemon aprons, you rest your head on Pokemon headrest covers, and you drink from Pokemon cups. Getting a ride on one of these planes would be the ultimate journey in the air for a Pokemon lover! Please choose a link below to look at various pictures of the jets.

International Pokemon Jet (747)
'99 Domestic Pokemon Jet (747)
'98 Domestic Pokemon Jet (767)
'99 Domestic Pokemon Jet (747) Loading Cargo

The Seizure Episode
Have you ever heard about an episode of the Pokemon television show that gave seizures? Well, if you like Pokemon, then you should know. What's the story behind it? Read on...

The episode was titled Electric Soldier Porygon, aired during 1997, and it's obviously about Pokemon. It came before Pikachu's Goodbye, and after Ditto's Mysterious Mansion. It would have been episode number 38 if this and another episode before it weren't banned. In this episode, there was a scene were Ash and gang were inside a computer with Porygon, and missles exploded. The explosion of the missles created a bright flashing of red and blue. This caused seizures for over 700 Japanese kids who were watching the episode. This was a really serious issue, and Pokemon stopped airing for a few months. How could this happen? Well, bright flashing lights do cause seizures.

4Kids Productions did dub this episode, and slowed down the frameskip on the flashing red and blue, but they never aired it. So up until today, no country except for Japan has shown this.