Interview With Veronica Taylor

Q: How did you get the part as Ash?
Veronica: I auditioned for Ash many, many times.
Q: What was your first voice acting job?
Veronica: I started voice acting by auditioning for Area 88.
Q: Will you ever dub the episode that gave kids seizures in Japan?
Veronica: We did not dub it - we will never dub it.
Q: Just wondering, who does Meowth's voice?
Veronica: Meowth is Add Blaustein.
Q: What was your favorite episode?
Veronica: The perfume episode.
Q: If Togepi is a new Pokémon, then why doesn't the show say 151 Pokémon now?
Veronica: 150 Pokémon "that we know of."
Q: How long do you think Pokémon will continue to go?
Veronica: I hope Pokémon goes for years and years!
Q: Because you do the voice of Ash, do you buy Ash toys?
Veronica: Of course I buy Ash stuff!
Q: What other characters do you do for the show?
Veronica: Many small characters. I had a scene with myself - I played 3 characters in the perfume episode!
Q: Is voice acting your dream job?
Veronica: Voice acting is definitely my dream job.
Q: Is your real voice similar to Ash's mom?
Veronica: My voice is similar to Ash's mom - but not really.
Q: For the Pokémon show in Japan, a woman also does the voice of Ash. Why do females play male roles a lot?
Veronica: I guess girls play young boys because of the higher voices.
Q: What cartoons do you like more? Anime or American?
Veronica: I love cartoons - anime or American.
Q: How long does it take to dub an episode?
Veronica: A Pokémon episode takes a little more than a week to complete.