Card Sets - Southern Island

Cute little Pokemon just having fun.


Rainbow Island, Sky: Mew (Foil), Pidgeot, Onix
Rainbow Island, Riverside: Togepi (Foil), Ivysaur, Raticate
Rainbow Island, Field of Flowers: Rediba (Foil), Jigglypuff, Butterfree

Tropical Island, Jungle: Lickitung, Vileplume (Foil), Primeape
Tropical Island, Beach: Exeggutor, Slowking (Foil), Wartortle
Tropical Island, Sea: Tentacruel, Marril (Foil), Lapras

Southern Island originally was released in Japan for the second movie: Revelation Lugia (known as The Power of One in English). It contained 18 cards, where three cards are part of a section. There were six sections, where three sections belong in a category:
Rainbow Island: Sky, Field of Flowers, Riverside
Tropical Island: Beach, Jungle, Sea

Each section was a large picture, and the card images were cut out from the large picture.

In 2001 in a toy fair in New York, WoTC announced that the Southern Island set is out and sold in gift boxes. They're sold in packages (the sections), and can be bought at around 7 to 8 dollars. If you want one now, it's going to cost you 20 bucks.

Some of the cards are reversed holographic, where everything is in hologram except for the picture. This set is very cool, and very relaxing to look at.