Card Sets - VS Set

VS Set

This set is called VS: Leaders' Pokemon, a name that I have no idea what the meaning is. It was released in Japan on July 19th. VS is simply another Gym Leaders set, featuring various Gold/Silver gym leaders and trainers of the Elite Four.

Deck 1 Deck 2 Deck 3

The three images above are the three theme decks of the VS set. They do look small, don't they? The first deck is a grass and lightning deck. The second is a water and fire deck. And finally, the third is a fighting and psychic deck. There is also a fourth deck, featuring Bisashu, and is available for purchase at the fourth movie.

Tyranitar Rocket's Scizor New Back Design

The above is a Tyranitar card. As you can clearly see, there are a few changes made to this VS card. The edges of the picture of the left side of the card (whew!) is curved, making it look so much better. On the bottom left hand corner, you see the sign of VS. There are some other differences that cannot be seen on this card. In the VS set, there will be 1st edition cards. Prove it? Well, just look at the top right hand corner of the three theme decks and you'll see a first edition sign. The Japanese cards never had first editions. These cards will also be numbered, unlike before. You won't have to evolve your cards to play them anymore, because all the cards in the VS set are Basic Pokemon! Many people on different message boards who announced this think that no evolution is stupid, which isn't good. Next to the Tyranitar card is Team Rocket's Scizor, and basically has the same design as the Tyranitar.

Next to the Scizor card is the new back design of the VS set. The word Pokemon is the same design as the English Pokemon. And then you see a Pokeball, and the seven basic energies floating about.

In VS, there is no booster pack, just 30-card decks. There are 142 cards in this set. The cards are compatible with the E-Card Reader for GBA. There is also a new type of card, the Technicle Machines. This should add a little more to the already exciting game play of Pokemon TCG.

Unfortunately, Wizards of the Coast confirmed that they aren't releasing this set. Too bad.