Submitted Decks

In the Submitted Decks section, you'll find the many decks that other Poke-card Trainers have submitted. Some are them are actual decks, and some are just made up decks. But no matter what it is, you'll always find a deck that you'll want to make up yourself.

This section is not accepting additional submissions.

Deck Name: By:
Beginner's Luck Howard Anderson
Burnt Rubber Curtis
Dragon Rage Bill
Dream Weaver Mewtwo
Electric Bird Bill
Electric Current Sue
Elite Backdraft very_cute_pikachu
Fast Status Effect DittoMaster77
Fireball Storm Thrower Wizard Man
Frozen Singer Bill
Hard Core Hits pikachu20
Haymaker Curtis
Legendary Storm Vego
Massive Evolution Zach Darvin
Normal Psychics Dominik
Professor Plant Bill
Psychic Charizard Bill
Psycho Blast Jiggy
Psychic Manipulation Pedro Sousa
Psy Jolt Postman
Psychic Power Game
Psy Shocker Bill
Rain Curtis
Raging Flames A.J.
Spring Shower Kaytelyen Efeon
Steam Bill
Thunder Punch Fida
Trained Dragon Rage Z GoXten