Team Dream

Team Dream is what brings you Pokemon Dream. We are people who work hard to bring you the site, it's content, and everything else good about it. Below, you can find information on people who are part of the team. If you want to be part of the team, apply by clicking here.


Name: Mewtwo
Position: Webmaster
Comments: I made this website, I own this website, in other words, this site's mine! 75% of all data on this website is created by me. All of the pages are put up by me, and I am in full control of the site.

Name: Element17
Position: News Updater

Name: Aqualugia
Position: News Updater

Name: Celebi2000
Position: Episode Guide Writer

For a list of the group of people working on the PokeDream Forums as Moderators (also known as Gym Leaders, and also part of Team Dream), please click here. You must have your own account on the Forums to view this page.

Applying For A Position

Pokemon Dream needs a great deal of help right now. I want PD to one day become the number one Pokemon site on the internet, but only with help, can I achieve that goal. Do you know anything about Pokemon? Are you good on grammar? Do you want to help Pokemon Dream? Are you willing to become a part of Team Dream? Well, if you do, read on.

If you become a staff, here are the benefits:

Now isn't that great? If you like what you've just read, then keep on reading to see a place you can fill in for, and the requirements.

Episode Guide Writer: someone who can write detailed episode guides.

Note: None of the positions involve money!

The above are the positions that I need badly. I need as many people as possible for each possible. If you apply, there is a 90% chance that you'll be accepted. Remember, if you become a member of PD and you copy other people's work, you will loose your position before you can say "Oops!" and never be allowed to come back again. If you feel that you can do any of the above, then e-mail me.

Apply by e-mailing Mewtwo at