Fan Fics - Pikachu's Love

It had been quite a while after Ali had returned to England, I remembered her reaction when she had given birth to 4 children. Though painful I think (I'll never find out for myself) the birth went perfect. Yerta had left to look after Ali's sister; it was quite amusing when he ran into the cave with Ali's sister. The first thing she did was slap him around the face (wonder why females do that a lot). Yerta I think would rather have been the father of Ali's children but she wouldn't have let him anyway. Kingler had got over his anger that Ali had cheated on him, it would have been easy if we just got a DNA (PS what does DNA stand for?) test, but Kingler wanted to find out for himself. Yerta was getting more of a nice guy, though I still hated his guts. If it were up to me Yerta be lying in a hospital bed with a life support machine strapped on his chest. Kingler had made friends with Yerta; we knew that in the future if we need assistance Yerta would help us. I hadn't seen Ali for about a month now, I was wondering how the cubs were getting on. But now back to my story;

I love Becky. It's so easy to say that, when no ones around, but how can I prove my love to Becky? I knew that I hadn't done anything lately to prove my undying love to Becky. I didn't want her to think I didn't care, but what could I do? How could I do something, not many other people could do, to prove my love. It's too easy to give flowers, or chocolates I wanted to do something much more.

This problem had struck me since my visit to Brazil to get the parett herb, after the encounter with serebii. I had saved Becky's life but then I had been in hospital for three months, healing my wounds. She had visited me every day, a bunch of grapes and a kiss. For three months I had thought to myself, I'd like to go to some foreign country to bring something rare back for Becky. Becky though had made a rule, which I promised I wouldn't break. She made me promise I wouldn't go abroad without her permission. I had asked a week ago to go to France, to get some perfume but Becky had told me I couldn't go.

Looking at my atlas of the UK I thought, what could I possibly get her special from this tiny island. England is famous for its beer, but Becky didn't drink. Wales is famous for its scenery but I couldn't get her a present from there. Scotland's famous for Haggis, I thought to myself what haggis was made of then felt ill. What could I get for Becky? I'm a 15-year-old male, welsh Pikachu, with a 14/15-year-old female, American human trainer who is the best trainer in the world.

Becky rushed into my bedroom, out of breath she stated "come downstairs, your friend Umbreon is here with her cubs" I smiled, Umbreon recently had given birth to four kids, 3 Umbreon's one Krabby. As I walked down the 14 stairs that I had once counted out of boredom I looked at Ali. She smiled at me; in her mouth were 3 black cubs. On Kingler's back was a little Krabby, his shell hadn't even devolved. Ali bent down and released her grip of the 3 cubs. Becky picked one of the cubs up, tickling its belly she smiled at the little cub. Ali looked at a cub that was trying to wonder of, she put her paw on the cubs tail. "This is Vantrase", Ali introduced the cub to me. I smiled at Vantrase; I put my paw forward, for Vantrase to shake.

Vantrase sniffed my paw then tried to bite it. I quickly pulled my paw back, just missing her bite. Ali looked at Vantrase, picking it up by its neck she told Vantrase "Be nice, uncle Pikachu is not a chew toy". Ali released Vantrase, pushing her forward with her nose, Ali told Vantrase to be nice. I again put my hand forward; this time Vantrase licked my paw. I looked at my paw, which had saliva on it, "can't you shake" I asked Vantrase. Vantrase looked at me friendly and I realised that must be how Umbreon's say hello.

Ali looked at Becky and stated "The cub Becky is holding, is called Gilliam" I looked at Gilliam who had fell asleep in Becky's arms. "This little minx is called Hyzenthlay". I looked at Ali, wondering where do all this complicated name come from. Hyzenthlay looked at me, she smiled so I smiled back. Hyzenthlay walked closer to me and licked my face. "Yo Hyzenthlay I've had a wash already, thank you" I tried to make sure I pronoced her name correctly. I counted my fingers, 1,2,3 where's the forth child. Ali looked at Kingler, using his claw he picked up the Krabby on his back. I walked to the Krabby and asked what was his name. Kingler relied, "Pipkin, named by his father". I sighed in relief, at last a name I've heard before. Kingler quickly added "Ali picked the names of the cubs, so I picked the name of Krabby". I looked at Ali; she replied "Their dark names".

I nodded my head, even though I was confused, I leaned forward to Pipkin, to shake his claw when he ran behind Ali. Ali looked down to see Krabby, hiding under her, "He's a bit shy" Ali stated. I looked at Pipkin, and tried to shake his claw again, but he just ran to Kingler. I looked around to see Vantrase and Hyzenthlay having a play fight and walked up to them. Hyzenthlay and Vantrase stopped fighting and looked at me. Vantrase jumped on my stomach, pinning me to the ground. I could easily get up, but I remembered they were just cubs, having a little fun. I pretended that I couldn't get up, so Hyzenthlay walked to my face and licked it again. I blinked my eyes, either this cub had a crush on me, or she thought I needed a bath. Becky bent down and laid Gilliam on the floor, smiling she looked at Pipkin.

Becky tried to pick Pipkin up, but he pinched her finger. Luckily his claws weren't very sharp, so it didn't hurt Becky but she quickly pulled her hand away. Kingler picked Pipkin up, telling Pipkin to apologise he put him in front of Becky. The crab looked at Becky and burst into tears. Ali sighed; she put Pipkin on her back and told me "Since birth Pipkin's been lonely, he doesn't play with his brother and sisters. To be honest, the only one Pipkin trusts is Kingler" Ali watched as Pipkin jumped of her back and ran to Kingler. I thought to myself, I never want children. I asked Ali what I should do for Becky. "If you love your trainer, just tell her". I looked at Ali, "I cannot speak English". She sighed, "You'll find a way, just look into your heart" After that reply I went back to playing with her cubs. They were really cute and I for a moment, only for a moment wondered if Chikorita would like to have children. I then remembered all the problems Ali had with her children, not knowing who the father was, getting nearly killed and being under a lot of stress.

Ali and Kingler stayed for a few hours, but then left with their tired children to their den. As Becky and me waved goodbye Hyzenthlay ran to me. I looked at Hyzenthlay who licked my face. I replied "I'll miss you to Hyzenthlay, but I'll see you again". Hyzenthlay ran back to Ali who looked back, then continued walking. I wiped the drool of my face, and then jumped into Becky's arms. I thought to myself, Ali now has four children, one likes fighting, one likes boys, one sleeps a lot and one is very shy. I knew Ali was very happy with her children, she was a great mother. I realised that I'm like a child to Becky; she's like my mum. I looked at the date, 15th of April. I wonder when Becky's birthday is?

I walked upstairs, I now lived in a lovely house with my trainer, and it had two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. Even though I have my own room, at night Becky allows me to sleep on top of her bed. I walked into Becky's room and looked around. I opened her clothes cupboard and was surprised to find some clothes I had never seen before. As I picked one item of clothing I wondered to myself "are these ear muffs or knee cap warmers?" I put her clothes back, that wasn't what I was looking for. I was looking for her diary, or some indication when her birthday was. I had once tried to ask her, but being a Pokémon she didn't understand what I was saying. I went to her bed; lifting the mattress I found nothing except dust. I then spotted a box; it was the box she sometimes brings downstairs when doing work. I was about to open it when I heard Becky coming up the stairs. I quickly ducked under her bed sheet, hoping she wouldn't see me. Becky walked into my room first, not seeing me in my room she wondered to herself.

She walked into her room, closing the door she sat down. She looked at her mini electric fan and turned it on. I watched as she locked the door, so she wouldn't be disturbed. She opened her box, pulling out some sheets of paper and a pen. Becky put her glasses on then started writing on the sheets of paper. I quietly got out of her bed then tiptoeing I walked to her box. I opened it; pulling out her passport I found her diary. I was going to open it, but the diary had a lock on it. I sighed but then remembered, her passport would have her birthday. 16/4/1986, I looked in shock, her birthday was tomorrow. I put the passport back in the box; I walked towards the door but tripped on the wire of the heater. Becky looked at me, her face turned sour. "Pikachu! What are you doing in here? I have work to do, go outside and play with your friends please". With a kiss she picked me up. Opening the door she walked out put me down, walked back in then closed the door.

I had found her birthday and she didn't suspect anything. I wondered to myself, why didn't she tell me her birthday was tomorrow. I walked downstairs, thinking to myself how could I get her something in less then 24 hours. I looked at my Bulbasaur moneybox; tipping it upside down I heard a few coins. I opened the cork, reaching inside I revealed a lot of coppers, some silver coins and a few gold coins. After 5 mins of adding up I discovered I had Ł10. I wondered what could I get Becky for Ł10? I could get her a lovely bunch of flowers, but I wanted to get her something more special. What could you get special though with a tenner? I decided to go to town when Becky would leave to go to work. Turning on my stereo player I put on Billy Joel, the river of dreams and thought to myself, "my dream is for Chikorita to be with me". What ever I did, play on the computer, go for a walk, play music I couldn't stop thinking about Chikorita. Chikorita is my love, Becky iss my trainer and Ali is my best friend. I turned on the TV and turned to the shopping channel. After watching for 30 mins, I thought to myself, why don't I watch some adverts. I turned to ITV but didn't have much luck. At 4:50pm Becky walked down stairs, to watch the news and weather. I sat on her lap, as she stroked my back she looked at the weather for the NW. "Tomorrow will be sunny, no clouds". I smiled and getting an idea I jumped up and looked into Becky's eyes.

"Pika,chu,chu,pi,Pikachu" I asked her. In translation that meant "Lets go for a picnic tomorrow". Becky didn't understand what I was trying to ask. After being brought back to life by Ali, I had lost the power to speak human talk. I sighed then ran into the kitchen. Putting food in a box I walked into the living room. "No Pikachu, I don't need to go shopping". I sighed again, I showed her what was in the box, cake bread cheese ECT. I skipped around the room, trying to get Becky to understand. She just scratched her head; I was about to give up when I heard the man say "A great day for a picnic". I jumped onto the TV and I think Becky got the message. "You want to go for a picnic?" I nodded at Becky who smiled and agreed. Part one of my plan had worked. Becky looked at her watch, "5pm I've got to go now Pikachu, be good" Becky picked me up and kissed me. I smiled and waved as she walked out of the house then shut the door. I waited a few mins to make sure Becky didn't return for any reason. After 5 mins I got to excited, I opened the door, taking a key I ran towards the bus stop.

In Chester I looked around the shops, trying to find something for Becky. Walking in to Whsmiths I took the lift upstairs. "I wonder if Becky would like a book," I thought to myself. As I walked around I spotted a book called Man U for you. I remembered that Becky liked Man United; she liked watching them beat Liverpool, which they did quite a lot. (No offence to Liverpool supporters) I looked at the back, Ł9.99p I had enough. I wondered why a lot of things end in 99p, walking to the till I put the book in front of the till man. He looked around and saw no one, looking down he spotted me looking at him. "A mouse! I'll get you". The man grabbed the book and swiped it at me. "Pika" I cried as I dodged his swipes. I was getting very angry now; with a spark in my cheeks I got ready to give this guy a shock. My action was stopped when I heard an angry voice "Stop now Pikachu". I turned around to see Becky; she had come to get a newspaper and had spotted me. Pikaing the pickachu (I mean picking the Pikachu) up, she shouted at me "What are you doing in town".

I didn't want to tell Becky the truth, besides she probably wouldn't understand. I tried to mime that I came to town to see her. Becky didn't understand and was in a rush, she put me down and told me to go straight home. I walked out of the shop to see her apologising to the guy who had tried to squash me. I wondered what I could do now, I looked at my ten pounds, what else could I get her with this. I was about to give up and buy flowers when I spotted a huge coach. It was heading for Man United football ground, I wondered if I could get some autographs. I jumped on the back of the coach, 1 hour later we were in Manchester. I stayed on the coach until it came to a stop. A man got out and talking to another guy who was hidden in the shadow passed a piece of paper to him. "Are we all set for tonight". "You just use the gun and we'll be rich". I watched these two unknown men talking to each other. I wasn't very interested though; I wanted to get some autographs. I walked into the entrance, walking around; I tried to find the team. I opened a door; I was in a box looking out at the pitch. I saw two humans in the room, feasting on funny looking food. As I looked at the food, I spotted a raw slice of fish, I guess they were Japanese. I sniffed the food, but a human spotted me. It was a woman, dressed in a long robe, which covered her whole body. She said something that I didn't understand and waved a fan at me. I ran out of the room, thinking, "I never was a fan of the Japanese". I walked into another room and spotted legs of green animals. I quickly knew they were French; I carefully got near to the food. I was going to taste it when a male human said "mered". I have no idea what that meant but I wasn't going to find out. Again I ran away, turning left I tried to find the entrance to the pitch. I bumped into a human, looking up I wondered why he looked familiar. My ears were quickly broken as a woman approached him, she was singing and holding a little baby. "Look Vicky, a cute little mouse". The woman looked at the man and stated "your out of your mind".

As I crawled past him, I remembered who he was. If I'm not mistaken, he was David Beckham. I looked back and wondered to myself. I walked toward the human, I gave him a sheet of paper and a pen, and he got the message. "David, you're writing an autograph for a mouse?" the woman asked the nice man. He handed me the piece of paper and smiled. I smiled back then looked at the paper. "You can get help mate, call ***** 24**21 (made up number, don't phone it) and I'm sure you'll get help". I growled and ripped the paper into a million pieces; throwing the pieces on the floor I left the building leaving an angry caretaker.

I sighed to myself, no autographs, no special present for Becky. As tears rolled of my eyes I wondered how I was going to get back to Chester. I looked at the coach; inside a man was putting on a hood that masked his whole face. The man was holding a gun; I hid behind some flowers and watched the human. The human ran into the building and pointed his gun at the manger. "Tell them to get in the coach, now". The man nodded and instructed his team to enter the coach. I watched as the whole Man United squad climbed into the coach. I spotted the human who had insulted me with the woman who I presume is his wife. I growled but saw the baby. I thought back to Ali and what kind of state she'd be in if her child was stolen. I ran towards the coach and jumped on just as it started moving. The hooded man pointed his gun at me and fired it. The bullet bounced of the metal step and hit the driver. The driver collapsed, leaving his foot on the acceleration pedal. The hooded man shrieked and took hold of the wheel. I ran to the man and bit his hand. The man tried to shake me of his hand; he shook his hand until I went flying into Ryan. I looked up at Ryan and thought how lucky I was, to land on some one as famous as him. I gave him another sheet of paper and my pen. While Ryan signed my paper I went back into battle. "Dear what ever you are, err your mate Ryan gigs"

I jumped on the hooded man and pulled the hood of. "Its Gary" everyone screamed. I had no idea who Gary was but I pulled his ears, which were very big. Shocking him I got control of the wheel. The bus was heading for a school; luckily no kids were there. The bus crashed into the side, coming to a stop. I smiled knowing that he'd be a hero for all of those kids. No school for a few weeks I thought to myself. Police sirens could be heard for KM's (quite annoying aren't I, I refuse to use imperial, up the metric) as six cars screeched to a halt in front of the coach. "Put your hands in the air". I quickly raised my paws; Ryan looked at me and stated, "Not you, he means Gary". I replied "Pika" and watched the police put Gary next to the wall. "I'm going to search you, lets see a gun, a packet of walker crisps, a packet of walkers crisps, a packet of walkers crisps, a packet of walkers crisps, a packet of walkers crisps". The policeman looked at Gary, he discovered 10 packets of walker's crisps.

After taking all the packets of walker's crisps of Gary, the man put a tearful Gary in his car. The manger Alex approached me and asked, "How can I thank you". I smiled, and then miming my request Alex smiled and agreed. I was taken home by a nice policewoman ^-^, luckily Becky wasn't home. I looked at my watch, it was 10pm, I ran upstairs and fell asleep on Becky's bed. When I opened my eyes, it was morning. I looked to my right; Becky was asleep, hugging me. I smiled and kissed her. Becky opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. "Good morning" she said softly, she hugged me tightly and kissed me. After releasing her hold, I ran downstairs to the kettle. After being with Becky for 7 months I've learnt how to do human activeties. I waited for the kettle to boil; when it boiled I took the coffee to Becky. She was surpousis why I was being so nice today, it was 10am and I had brought breakfast in bed and the Daily Mail. She finished her muffins and boiled egg and got out of bed. I stayed on her bed but she picked me up. "If were going on a picnic then I want you to look your best". Becky took me into the bathroom; turning on the water she washed my hair softly. She made sure soap didn't get in my little eyes and made sure the water wasn't to hot. After giving me a bath, she dried me then told me to have my breakfast. She thought I didn't know it was her birthday; she was going to be surprised.

After Becky washed and got dress she walked down stairs to see me watching TV. I was watching Pokémon, she smiled and sat down.

I growled at the Chikorita on the TV screen. She had just sent a razor leaf attack at me. I watched the Chikorita who ran into tall grass then an abandoned building. After a few hours Machoke, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan woke her up, bet she was grumpy. A big Primeape was talking to Chikorita; only I could understand what he was saying. I then remembered that humans are stupid and can't understand the 251 different Pokémon languages. Luckily the little good boys and girls can't understand us. What they don't know can't hurt them. I thought to myself, if you can understand English, Japanese and Chinese, which in my opion are the hardest languages to learn, then you can understand our language.

I jumped on her lap and smiled as she stroked my back. At around 1pm she put some food in a basket and calling me, walked out of the door. She was surprised to see a coach waiting for her. Becky nearly fainted as the whole Man United squad jumped out and sang happy birthday to her. I joined in even though no one could understand what I was singing. When they finished singing, they escorted Becky onto the coach. As we drove to our fave picnic sight, we caught sight of Umbreon, Kingler and their children. The coach stopped and I asked "Yo Ali, were going on a picnic, want to come". Ali smiled, picking up her cubs she climbed on the coach with Kingler. Alex looked at the Kingler in surprise; he stated "The fans getting uglier all the time". Kingler heard this but didn't attack Alex since this was a special day.

At our fave picnic sight, the team waved goodbye to Becky, she had got that book I wanted to buy her, with all the team's autographs in it. Becky wondered how I had arranged this, but just kept smiling. The afternoon went great, I watched the two female Umbreon's play fight. Pipkin even came out of his hiding spot, to eat a few scones. I watched as Hyzenthlay walked close to me, remembering what she always does I jumped into Becky's arms. Becky kissed me, making Hyzenthlay act a bit weird. As we all sit here I wonder to myself, what should I do next year ^-*

I wonder sometimes if Becky would like a new Pokémon, maybe I could convince Chikorita to come to Britain. When we got home I ran straight to the phone, Becky looked at me and told me not to be on the phone to long, she didn't want a huge bill. I slowly punched in a lot of keys, can't remember how many but I was phoning from Chester, England, United Kingdom to California, America. After punching in all the numbers a young, smooth and soft voice answered the phone. Speaking in Pikachu language, but since your probably a stupid human reading my story I'll translate for you "Hi Chikorita, how's America?" "Its great, very hot at the moment, is it true that Ali is pregment". I replied "Even better, she's had 4" I was about to say sweet, but I changed my word to cute kids. "Would you like to come live here in the UK, with me?" Chikorita who seemed to be getting very excited replied, "Of cause, I'll be on the next plane to Leaverow". I sighed and corrected her, "its Heathrow". She laughed and told me to see her in a few days, my heart was pounding. My girlfriend was at last coming to live with Becky and me. Very soon, I'm going to be the happiest Pikachu in the world, with the two best girls in the world. Now all I had to worry about was, I wonder how much that phone call would have cost?

The name Vantrase was made up; Gilliam and Pipkin are the names of some friends of mine. Hyzenthlay and Pipkin will be staring in later fan fic of mine; I invented the name Vantrase. If your wondering, its pronoced Vant-tres. This story is mainly an introduction to Umbreon88's new children. Please don't take offence if you're a Liverpool, or Gary Linker fan ^-^.

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