Fan Fics - Pikachu and Friends Saving the Neopets 3

Chapters 7 - 9(Goodbye Note)

Chapter 7 - The Battle Of The Titans

Meanwhile back in Chester, the sky had turned to a black color as the night came close. The sun had fallen and the sky was clear with no clouds anywhere. The stars were the only source of light and it was a night, to wake up the dead. Ali looked towards the site where she first had met Yerta. The plane he had shot down had been removed, the forest that he destroyed with a massive Haztre strike. Haztre was a move Yerta had invented, it took all of the attackers HP but its power was enormous. All these were bad memories that Ali couldn't forget about, no matter how hard she tried. She looked to her left and saw Hyzenthlay, trembling slightly. Ali walked towards her daughter and asked, "Are you ok my dear?" Hyzenthlay looked at her mother and straightened her body before replying, "I'm not scared, it's just strange bringing people back that have stopped existing." Ali nodded in agreement but this wasn't new to her, she had been responsible for Yerta, Pikachu, Vantrase and other creatures being brought back. The wind whistled through the stones and made a queer tune. The tune grew stronger and deeper as the sky faded into a black sheet. Light emerged from the ground as two strange transparent figures suddenly appeared. Ali whispered, "Are you ready?" Hyzenthlay walked towards the smaller figure and stared at its weird glow. Ali got closer to the bigger figure and leaning forward, kissed it. Her body went through its body except her mouth, which seemed the only object that was in both of their dimensions. As Ali's mouth touched its mouth, the figure got bolder and soon it was clear what the figure was. As Ali pulled her mouth from the figure's mouth, it opened its mouth, "I breathe again, my body is no longer dead." Ali smiled and nearly cried, "Welcome back Yerta," with this she lost control and hugged him tightly. Yerta kissed her head and looked towards Hyzenthlay, who wasn't so glad to see Yerta. She knew that Ali couldn't bring back Vantrase as well, because it took to much energy to do. When Ali had decided to bring both of them back, Hyzenthlay had refused to bring back Yerta so Ali said she would. Hyzenthlay looked at the sprit of her dead sister and quickly kissed her, not liking the idea of kissing a dead object. Vantrase formed just like Yerta and soon she to was alive. Hyzenthlay hugged Vantrase before she could even breathe in any air and in among tears stated, "I'm so glad your back, sister." Vantrase was glad to be back, she and her father had been dead for over a year now. Yerta was killed by a huge energy blast from Pallin and Vantrase was killed when Pallin suffocated her. Vantrase was smaller then Hyzenthlay and younger looking, because when you're dead you don't age. Vantrase was beautiful and strong; her muscles were huge but stayed in proportion with the rest of her body. Her black fur shined in the moonlight and her expression was always sweet. She was quite slim for her age but the muscles took the place of fat, making her still look natural. Every step Vantrase took was strange to her, for over a year she had not used her sense of touch. Every stone was like a nail, soil was like gravel but soon her senses returned to normal. Vantrase hurtled towards Ali and licked her face showing how happy she was to see her mother again, "I've missed you so much mum!" Ali knew her daughter had grown up during the last year, before Vantrase's death she would always say, Mumma and Dadda.

Yerta just gazed at his paw, inspecting every part of it. He couldn't believe he was back, at last he breathed the air and touched everything that other people could touch and breath. Yerta looked like Vantrase expect a more male look and stronger muscles then Vantrase. Vantrase shared a lot in common since she was Yerta's daughter. Before Ali fell in love with Kingler, she had loved Yerta, they had used a dark power of bonding, they shared the same power and one couldn't die else both died at the same time. The bond had made them share genes, so Ali had 23 normal chromosomes in her egg cells and a few extra chromosomes from Yerta. When Kingler and Ali mated, genes from Kingler, Ali and Yerta all missed together. The results were a crab and 3 Umbreon's. Two of the Umbreon's belonged to Yerta and Ali, they were Vantrase and Gilliam. The other two, Pipkin and Hyzenthlay belonged to Kingler and Ali. Yerta shouted with joy and screamed, "I LIVE AGAIN!" A voice from nearby boomed, "Not for long."

Yerta looked around but couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, but he recognised it. Pallin jumped through the bushes and stared at his frightened crowd. Vantrase and Parett had been watching the return of Yerta and Vantrase but hadn't spoken. Pallin looked down at Parett and smiled evilly, "Parett, at last, we meet face to face." Yerta looked down at Parett in a surprised manner, wondering what Pallin was talking about. "What do you want this red hairball?" Pallin laughed and answered, "I guess you haven't been doing your homework on how to become the strongest creature in the world." Yerta grinned and stated, "That title I use to own and soon I will own again." Vantrase whispered into Parett's ear, "What is going on?" Parett looked into Vantrase's frightened eyes and replied, "This bully has been hunting me for my whole life, he'll do anything to rid the world of us." The conversation was cut short as Pallin leapt at Parett, and glared his teeth. Without thinking Vantrase scratched Pallin's face with her tiny claws and managed to stop him biting Parett. Pallin grabbed Vantrase and body slammed her to the ground, causing her to squeal in agony. "Stop, you beast!" Parett shouted at him but he carried on attacking Vantrase. From the air Pikachu shouted to Yerta, "if you value your life then keep those Acaras alive." Yerta didn't understand what Pikachu was talking about but he decided to do as Pikachu wished. Before Pallin could deliver a fatal blow to Vantrase, Yerta struck his body with a powerful punch. While Pallin was distracted, Pikachu picked up Vantrase and put her on Lugia's back. Parett jumped on Lugia's back and crawled towards Vantrase. Lugia took of and started flying towards the countess Hospital, at the fastest speed she could reach. Pallin noticed Lugia flying away and screamed, "I can defeat these fools first, then those Acaras are doomed, they will die in their own blood, I will show no mercy." His eyes glowed an evil red as his muscles expanded and his hair/fur turned gold. He was transforming into elite, a power only Umbreon's could achieve. The users body would turn a strong gold colour as their muscles would expand and their strength increases. Everyone began going elite, including Ali, Vantrase and Yerta, hoping they'd be able to beat Pallin.

On the way to hospital, Vantrase was getting closer to death. Her eyes flickered softly and a few times her muscles twitched, but she was nearly dead. Her eyes stopped flickering and they closed tightly, her breathing was starting to get slower and quieter. Parett's eyes filled with tears, he nudged her body with his nose but she didn't react. He started shouting, "You can't give up, I won't let you die." Lugia turned her head and looked at his miserable face, tears were rolling down his cheek as he kept nudging her lifeless body. Less then an hour ago she was playing with him, she was full of energy but now she was still and calm. Parett didn't want her to be still, he wanted her to be her normal hyperactive self, the Vantrase that he loved. Parett's heart began to beat faster as he started to wonder if, she was dead. He inspected her body for movements but nothing moved, her body was still and stiff. Parett whispered, "Don't give up, you will survive." Parett wasn't sure if she was alive, he caught sight of her ear twitch but couldn't be sure if that was just the wind. Her paw was cold and felt like it was dead, he had to know if she was dead or not, it was agony not knowing if the one you love is still with you. Parett used his nails to lightly stroke Vantrase's foot, back and forth waiting for her foot to move. His face glowed with excitement as her foot reacted, her foot moved away from his nails, proving she was still alive. He kissed her cheek and after a few seconds, she opened her eyes again. She smiled weakly at Parett but jumped as if something had stabbed her and began screaming in pain. Parett didn't know if he should be happy or not, he was glad she was feeling pain; it proved that she was still alive.

Chapter 8 - Fall Of The Titan

At the battlefield everyone was ready for the biggest fight of their life, everyone except Hyzenthlay was strong enough to battle. Pallin looked at his enemies with a slight sweat of fear on his face, though he surpassed everyone's max level, he still was out numbered. Ali, Yerta and Vantrase didn't take their eyes of him, they knew that it would take all their strength to defeat this monster. Pallin foolishly made the first move by attacking Ali, the weakest of the three. He knew that taking care of the weakest first would heighten his chances of winning. Lightning lit the background as the battle commenced, all fighting for the future, but of different dreams. Pallin stuck his claws deep into Ali's spine, causing her to cry in pain. Ali was able to jump up and slap his face though, making him fall towards the ground. On contact with the ground he leapt up and sent a huge beam of light towards Ali's heart. Yerta intercepted the blast with a powerful swipe of his paw. Vantrase meanwhile was forming a Haztre in case they would need it. Pallin jumped towards a boulder and blasted it with his beam, trying to put fear into his enemies. Yerta was not impressed by Pallin's little show; he jumped on Pallin's back and kicking his feet into Pallin's face, sent him smashing through another boulder. Pallin's anger grew as Vantrase impatiently released the blast. The blast struck Pallin and exploded in his face, but didn't do much damage. Yerta growled at Vantrase and ordered, "You fool, wait until it's ready, now you won't be able to make one strong enough to kill him." Pallin laughed and replied, "Is this the best you can do, I'm not even breaking a sweat." This was a lie; indeed Pallin was losing the battle though his chance had increased slightly since now Vantrase was to weak to battle. He leapt at Ali again hoping to finish her quickly he sank his teeth into her neck. Ali began to choke, as his bite got deeper, she tried to slap him but any movement just made her neck more fragile. Yerta kicked Pallin of Ali and continued to battle him. This was going to be a battle between Yerta and Pallin, since Ali and Vantrase were to weak to battle. Pallin tried to punch Yerta but he was able to reflect every punch, Yerta had defiantly got stronger. Pallin screamed loudly and released a powerful beam, the kind that killed Yerta the last time. To Pallin's horror, Yerta grabbed the beam and sent it back towards Pallin. Pallin was about to dodge when a beam from Vantrase sailed in the other direction. The two beams struck Pallin at the same time and was lost in a cloud of smoke. The smoke cleared to reveal Pallin, injured but still full of energy. A growl emerged from his bloody neck, but it was hard to hear. Vantrase was standing there, pleased that her beam had helped but she quickly fainted. Ali commented, "She used the last of her power, she can't fight any more." Pallin weakly got up and stated, "2 more to go." Ali snarled and jumped at Pallin but a swift punch sent her flying towards Yerta. Yerta was struck by Ali and both of them crashed into a nearby boulder. Yerta got up and charged full speed at Pallin and sent him hurtling to the ground. Seeing his chance, Yerta jumped on Pallin's back and got his neck in a headlock. He shouted at Pallin, "This is for killing my daughter," with this statement he punched Pallin straight in the face. Pallin's head felt dizzy as he failed to get out of Yerta's headlock. Again Yerta punched him, "For killing me," and one final punch followed by the statement, "For being a complete, heartless Bastard." Yerta released Pallin's head and watched the once Titan lay in the mud, his pride destroyed. Yerta stated, "It's over, you can not beat us." Pallin found this amusing and began laughing, "You really thought you've won?" Pallin's arms began to glow a dark gold and his whole body started growing in size. To everyone's fear, they realised that he was going X2 and in that state, no one could beat him. X1 was difficult to achieve, the user could easily die from the immense power but X2 was thought to be impossible. Elite goes on forever, but you must be strong enough to survive the up grade. The usual level of safety to go X1 was over level 1,000,000 in 100% focus. All the Pokémon in my stories are stronger then normal Pokémon, as they only can get to level 100, but these Pokémon can go higher. Ali was the first to focus her power, and Vantrase was the first to go X1 now it was time for Pallin to achieve X2. His muscles glared a bloody red as his whole body was torched by a gold flame. Suddenly something not expected happened, his muscle ripped, followed by the rest of his muscles. It was pure agony as every muscle ripped and his body quickly decreased like a deflated balloon. The muscles pulled his bones out of place and he collapsed to the ground, screaming. His screams were masked by more horror as his body was set alight by the gold flames and even Ali felt sorry for him. His skin was melting but he was still alive, barely, the whole experience was terrifying. Ali nearly fainted as his head emerged from the flames, screaming for help but his skin had melted, so it was like a skull on fire. Ali felt sick as she watched his screams for help, he was trying to take his mind of the pain but nothing could do that, every part of his body was on fire. Ali looked at Yerta and asked, "Put him out of his misery, not even he deserves this agony." Yerta nodded but the flames had already died, they were looking now at a pool of blood, skin and the remains of Pallin. He was alive, but not in pain any more, his senses had already died. He stared at Yerta, but with no eyes, they had exploded and were just part of the disgusting melted soup. He told Yerta, "Become the strongest Pokémon, kill the Neopets then destroy Neopia, you'll have everything you want." Yerta looked at Ali and smiled, "I have everything I want already." Yerta decided to put Pallin out of the agony of living, he stamped on his head but felt ill when Pallin's melted skin stuck to his foot like chewing gum.

A few months later, after the battle for the future had been run, we arrive at the countess hospital. In the Birth room, is Vantrase, she was expecting and the father is Parett. Moans echoed the walls as she struggled through the painful torture of giving birth, she was in labour and the baby was expected any moment. She was holding Parett's paw tightly, as the pain got worse and worse, she screamed every time her muscles contracted. Parett was besides her, cheering her on, for once Vantrase was being sensible; her playful attitude wasn't with her at the moment. "Tell that baby to get out," she screamed at Parett. Her wish was granted though; soon they could see a blue face emerge. It was the face of an Acara, but it was blue. Parett and Vantrase were both red so this was quite a shock but no one cared about the colour at the moment. Vantrase pushed as the nurse instructed and after one huge push, the baby was born. It had been a tough struggle but she had finally given birth to an Acara, if more Acaras followed then in a few decades the population of Acaras could grow again. They looked at their baby; the baby was female, blue and very cute. Vantrase whispered in Parett's ear, "What should we call her?" Parett shrugged and waited for Vantrase to come up with a suggestion. "What about Whirlpool?" Parett nodded and kissed their baby, "Whirlpool it is." Vantrase smiled and couldn't take her eyes of her baby, this was the happiest moment for Vantrase, she was now a proud mother. The world was now free from evil and threats, thanks to the bravery of Ali and Yerta, who even though never got back together did share love in their hearts. Vantrase and Parett carried on having children and soon increased the population of Acaras. Lugia got a flying licence and Pikachu; he believe it or not went to Oxford University, as a caretaker.


Very_Cute_Pikachu's Goodbye Note
I'd like to thank a few people, who gave me inspiration and helped me to achieve, the longest, most thrilling story I've ever wrote. A very good friend of mine, Michelle from Neopets has helped me through the difficult tasks of the complicated world of Neopets. Alison and Amy who star in nearly all my stories, they have over the past 3 months added and critised my stories and have made stories of their own. This is my last story I'm writing, so that's why I hope it's my best story.

The following people have stared in at least one of my stories, Alison, Amy, Barry, Feraligator (never discovered his real name), Just Cute, Michelle, Rebecca and Sam. The characters, Abolin, Gilliam, Hyzenthlay, Kelly, Michael, Pallin, Parett, Pipkin, Vantrase, Wacko and Yerta are all made up and have no real personality. It's thanks to all these Characters that I have made, 12 stories. The first 11 stories total 35,904 words divided by 11 = an average of 3,264 words per story (not including this story). To include this story would be a grand total of 48,872 divided by 12 brings my average number of words per story to 4,072.6

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