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Raichu was wondering around near Golden Rod town. He met a pokemon trainer called Sam. Of course Sam tried to catch Raichu but had no luck. Raichu beat Sams Blastoise hands down. That battle made Raichu think about all the powerful pokemon that was stronger than him. So Raichu set on his journey to be the world's best pokemon. His own task was to beat one of the most powerful wild pokemon. He was aiming to beat a very hard charizard from charasific valley. He heard a couple of trainers talking about it in a forest south of Golden Rod town. After wandering for some hours Raichu meets the very first pokemon on his journey. It was Spearow. Raichu started off using a thunder shock attack. Raichu couldn't believe his eyes; it nearly knocked Spearow out in one bolt of Raichus thunder shock. Raichu thought it was either weak against his attack or he was one of the best pokemon in the world all ready. He went past a little lake. He saw many people fish and he had flash backs about his old pokemon trainer. His name was Alex, they used to fish for many hours trying to catch some new fish pokemon. When Alex caught a very rare Gyrados Alex just left Raichu outside of Golden Rod town. When the flash back had finished he saw a wild Goldeen bobbing up and down in the water. He got the Goldeen out of the water by using his thunder bolt attack and he caught golden with his hands and gave it to a little that was trying to be the worlds best water pokemon trainer but he was having no such luck because he hadn't even caught one pokemon ever, he was struggling catching the pokemon in the sea. When Raichu got to azalea town he met another trainer but Raichu never knew his name because he did not say what it was. He sent out a pokemon called Pichu. Raichu knew that he was something to with him self. Raichu used his thunder shock attack. But it hardly hurt Pichu. So Raichu tried again but he used thunderbolt. It missed. The trainer told Pichu to use his agility attack and the trainer told him to do quick attack. Raichu went down but he came quickly up when he saw the trainer throw a poke ball at him. Raichu dodged the pokeball and used quick attack on pichu. Pichu went down but quickly got back up again and Raichu kept on using his quick attack. After a while Pichu was knocked out. Raichu was quite tired so he ran from the battle. He heard the trainer shout very loudly at Pichu. Raichu felt sorry for Pichu having a traner like that. I was getting late so Raichu went looking for a place he could sleep. He met a hoot hoot when he was looking for place to sleep. Raichu used his agility attack trying to get faster than hoot hoot, Raichu then used thunderbolt on hoot hoot, he fainted and Raichu saw a noctowl, Raichu thought it must have been hoot hoots mother. Noctowl used hypnosis on Raichu. Raichu went straight to sleep. All Raichu knew that his dreams were getting eaten. Raichu knew it must have been dream eater. He heard about it off his old trainer Alex. When Raichu woke up he knew he had to be quick so he used thunderbolt to knock noctowl out of the sky and he told noctowl not to touch him because he only wanted to get some sleep and he was sorry about noctowls child. Raichu told Noctowl about him wanting to be the world best pokemon and Noctowl thought that was a hard thing to achieve. Noctowl wanted to go with Raichu to charasific valley because the only way in is to fly. Raichu and Notowl went to sleep. In the morning Noctowl said goodbye to all the other Noctowls and Hoot hoots. When Raichu and Noctowl were in the air Raichu thought about trying to get his defence up. They stopped of at a forest to fight some wild grass type pokemon like Bulbasaur. But Raichu never found a Bulbasaur but he found a Chikorita. When he was fighting Chikorita he learnt a new move called thunder. It was more powerful thunderbolt and it was four times more powerful than thunder shock. Chikorita was a tough battle. Raichu started off with his new thunder attack but it missed him. Chikorita used his razor leaf; it didn't do much damage to Raichu. Raichu used his agility and then quickly used quick attack on Chikorita. Chikorita was getting mad so he used solar beam. First it was taking in sun light then a huge beam came raging of Chikorita's mouth and it hit the small electric mouse. Raichu had fainted. All he knew when he woke up was that he was nowhere near the forest that Raichu got a fight in with Chikorita. Noctowl said to Raichu that he flew them both to the charasific valley. But they had to fly over the gate to fight the Charizard's. The dark bird told Raichu that there was no turning back hen they go in through the gate. The mouse said that he was ready for it. He learnt from all his mistakes like don't stare at the pokemon when they were doing a very dangerous move, you dodge until the move has finished. The owl type bird flew Raichu over the gates of charasific valley. They saw many charizards, charmeleons and charmanders. They were all fighting each other to get more experience and to get stronger. Raichu spoke to the leader of the bunch. The grand Charizard said that the small mouse pokemon could fight the strongest pokemon that is here in the valley. A huge pokemon appeared behind Raichu.

Who's that pokemon??????????

It's Charizard

They were in the battlefield ready to fight but who would win, the huge destructive lizard pokemon or the small mouse pokemon. The charizard started off using his flamethrower attack. It hit the mouse like a ton of bricks. Was it all over for Raichu already? Raichu stood back up and used his thunder on Charizard. It hardly hurt Charizard even that he was a flying pokemon but he was so strong. Charizard used his ember attack. It missed. The lizard flew up high but his wing was hurt so it just flopped back down. After a while they were both very tired. Raichu couldn't use his agility with out getting tired. Raichu used his quick attack. The lizard dodged the attack and Raichu flew passed Charizard. The mouse used his thunder attack but it didn't go far because he was tired so he tried thunderbolt next to the huge lizard. They both fell to the ground in tiredness. Who would keep up fighting and who will faint first and loose the battle? Charizard got up for some mirricle and picked Raichu up and used his sysmic toss attack. When they were going right up in the air Raichu used thunder on Charizard. Charizard flipped over the over side of Raichu so when they came crashing down to the floor the lizard would get hurt and the mouse wouldn't get touched. When they did come to the floor it was all over for Charizard. Raichu had won the battle. Raichu couldn't move a muscle when the battle ended. The grand Charizard congratulated Raichu. Nobody had beaten that huge Charizard before except for the grand Charizard. But if Raichu had beaten him he wouldn't be aloud to be the grand lizard any more. All the pokemon said goodbye to the small mouse and the dark bird. Raichu still didn't think his journey was over yet because he just didn't feel that he was the best pokemon in the world. Raichu told Noctowl to go to his old town. New bark town. When they got there they saw one child and a Gyarados playing in the sea next to the town. IT WAS ALEX??????????? Raichu wanted to turn back but Alex saw Raichu and Alex got up and went over to the small orange mouse.

"Hey if it isn't little old Raichu still following me around," shouted Alex.Why don't we have a battle with my Gyarados and you or are you still a little wuss of a pokemon."

"Go Gyarados!" shouted Alex.

Alex sent out Gyarados. Raichu heard Alex shout out dragon rage attack. The mouse type pokemon dodged the dragon rage attack Raichu used his thunder attack. By then Raichu was healed after the Charizard battle. It hi Gyrados and it nearly fainted. Raichu used agility and quickly used thunderbolt on Gyarados. He fainted.

"Huh ok that's it. GO DITTO?????????????"

A ditto came out of poke ball that Alex threw. When ditto came out of its ball it quickly used transform. Ditto transformed into a Raichu. Ditto used agility then Raichu used his agility. They both clashed into each other. Raichu used his quick attack and just after his quick attack Ditto used the same move. Again they clashed into each other. Ditto fainted.


Alex threw a poke ball at Raichu. He went into the ball. After two shakes of the ball Raichu came out of the ball and pushed Alex into the water and used thunder on him. Raichu and Noctowl quickly got out of the town. Was Raichu's journey over? Well he doesn't think so.

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