Fan Fics - Umbreon's Story: Pallin's Rein of Terror

Along time ago before even Yerta arrived on the scene three Umbreon cubs played together in the moonlight in the dark forest, they were me, Kellay and Pallin all young na´ve cubs that snuck from our parents dens and had many an hour of play in the dark forest enjoying each others company. They were to me like the brother and sister I never had. Pallin was a little taller and broader than me and he had little tuffs on the end of his ears and yellow circles like all normal Umbreons and Kellay was a little smaller and thinner than me and she too had yellow circles though no of us noticed I was different because of my silver circles. Unfortunately for us our parents found out about our little moonlight meetings and stopped us meeting and I always did wonder what happened to Pallin and Kellay little did I know I was soon about to find out…
I sat in the forest with my now nearly grown cubs beside me watching Kingler and Pipkin fondly paddling in a stream nearby together. I closed my eyes and sighed happily. I hadn’t been this happy since I was last playing with Kellay and Pallin in the forests so long ago. The sunlight dappled on my jet-black gleam coat and I imaged back to my youth, to when we were only innocent cubs, but where were they now I thought to myself surely they were nearby somewhere in the forest which I was in. I closed my eyes and focussed my mind to the task ahead, of course tracing there mind signals would be difficult because they weren’t the small cubs I remembered but sure enough a few minutes later I opened my eyes certain in the fact Kellay was nearby in fact very nearby. I stood up and told my family to stay in the clearing we were sat in and I set off with my nose ready to smell for my long lost friend. I ran through the forest with the breeze gently blowing through my fur and fresh from the long rest I had had and strong from all the training when Abolin was around. I ran through the forest in knowledge I was getting closer when I heard the unmistakable scream of a female Umbreon. I speeded up and saw Kellay stood in a clearing being attacked by a male Umbreon. I leaped at the male Umbreon who turned to face me I first noticed that he had tufts on the end of his ears and then I looked deep into his eyes and realised it was Pallin but he had changed, really changed even beyond all recognition he was evil and he made Yerta look like a cute fluffy bunny. I growled at Pallin and he glared at me “Ali get out of the way I’m going to kill her and you too if you don’t move.” I looked at Pallin and wondered what had caused him to turn this way and if I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes I would never have known the signal of how his mind worked as it had changed so much since he was a carefree cub. I turned to face him and saw him deep in concentration and I realised that I had been wrong in my assumption that only me, Yerta and my cubs could focus our power and that Pallin could do too. My mind raced and I realised to my horror Kellay couldn’t and she was much weaker than Pallin and too my horror also I realise Pallin was even stronger than Yerta when he focussed his power. I turned to see Pallin starting to glow and I shouted at Kellay to run like the wind. I saw her turn and run. I looked at Pallin and almost whispered “why?” He started laughing evilly “because I can” he replied, “however I have been lonely you will accompany me now” and with that he turned his back and started to walk away. I sat on my haunches wandering what to do I realised already that Pallin was stronger than me so if I tried to escape he could kill me and since my connection with Yerta had been cut I would never return and also I wanted to know what had happened to him to turn him this way. So with a heavy heart I followed Pallin deeper into the forest further and further away from my family and Kingler. We eventually reached a small cave and I realised by the scent and the chicken bones on the floor this was where Pallin had been living for the last few months and my nose also detected the smell of Kellay however it was very faint and it proved she hadn’t been here for over a month. I sat down and examined Pallin who sat in the shadows facing me “well” I questioned. His face was masked in the shadows and all I could see was the gleam of his red eyes. He laid down lazily on his belly and laid his head on his paw and simply said, “I met humans…” I looked at Pallin and realised he must have had a run in with humans however his encounter mustn’t have been with the kind, understanding and caring type of human I had met when I met Ash but with the other kind the greedy, selfish only caring about winning kind like my sister had for a trainer Gary grr just thinking about Gary made me mad but I had another question “Why are you trying to kill Kellay?” I said. He looked up “because she sides with the foolish human who caught me and mistreat me.” I sat down and consider this point – so Kellay had her alliance with a human who had beaten Pallin and made him so evil. I was puzzled it didn’t seem like Kellay then I asked another question “how come you can focus your powers and Kellay can’t?” I looked at Pallin and he replied “because the foolish human made me so mad one day I became so made I felt energy surging around my body and managed to escape from that fool – and when I had learnt how to truly focus my powers I went back and murdered the wretch who had abused me so.” I finally could understand why Pallin was the way he was but he said it in a cold tone showing no feeling at all and this concerned me “and now your going to help me destroy Kellay who dared to betray me after all those times as cubs.” I looked at Pallin uncertainly, I mean I was all for revenge but maybe that was taking it a little too far “I wont help” I spluttered “as you wish” he said looking into my eyes “if you wont help willingly Ill make you help me” I started to feel dizzy and then I fell to the floor (later I realised he had hypnotised me) after that I don’t really know why I did what I did but I remember it all to well, the look of fear, the harsh yelp of pain and all the terrible deeds that we committed. Pallin smiled and walked over to my motionless body on the floor and lay down next to me, its just a matter of time he thought to himself and Kellay will be dead and actually I don’t want to be alone anymore so I’ll make Ali kill that fool Yerta and her cubs and Kingler too and then she’ll be mine forever mwhahaha well if she doesn’t die trying and if she does it will be irrelevant I’ll just take over her sister instead.
I woke up with a splitting headache and realised Pallin was laid down next to me. I opened my eyes and looked at him only to find myself staring into his red eyes and he whispered in my ear “go bring her to me.” I stood up swiftly and ran out of the cave with only one purpose on my mind to find Kellay and bring her back to Pallin’s cave. I ran through the forest with my eyes scanning for her paw prints and my nose searching for her scent. I finally found fresh tracks and followed them. I reached a large Oak tree and when I looked into a hole in the root I saw a shaking Umbreon, it was Kellay I had found her. Kellay ran out and hugged me “I’m so glad your alright” she said between licking my muzzle and wagging her tail “I thought Pallin had killed you.” I snarled and Kellay looked at me in fear and surprise “follow me” I said in a cold voice to her and started walking towards Pallin’s cave puzzled but trusting poor Kellay followed me. I reached near to Pallin’s cave and Kellay sat down and stared at me “we’re near Pallin’s cave, I’m not going any nearer, oh Ali its too dangerous can’t you smell his tracks and feel the fear that this place has all around it, its like the thunder before the storm, the fear its oppressive, Ali your going to get us both killed, please don’t go any nearer.” I looked at her with steely eyes “your not afraid are you” I sneered “yes I am” Kellay admitted “you have no idea of Pallin’s powers Ali he could destroy both of us easily I don’t think revenge is such a good idea, lets turn back and leave this place before its too late.” I growled and Kellay hung her head with tears in her eyes and followed me deeper into Pallin’s territory. Finally we reached Pallin’s cave and from outside you could clearly here his breath from inside the cave, Kellay was shaking and crying at the same time and looking fearfully about. Pallin walked out of the cave and smiled “welcome back Ali” he said “I see you’ve brought a visitor with you, good girl you will be rewarded well for your loyalty.” Kellay gasped “your working for him” she stuttered. Pallin yawned lazily “not working for, I control Ali’s actions and soul, Ali kill her now” I walked forward and my silver circles began to glow in the moonlight and I fired a powerful ball of dark light at Kellay who was hit by it and fell to the floor, I walked forward towards Kellay and Pallin leaned forward and whispered in Kellay’s ear “goodbye Kellay I wont miss you” I bite deep into Kellay’s throat and as she closed her eyes for the last time the last thing she saw was Pallin walking into the shadows laughing.
Later on in the evening after I had caught Pallin and myself a furret to eat between us I closed my eyes and all I could see was Kellay’s frightened face the few seconds before she died. Pallin looked at me and said “don’t worry that will go away but I have another task for you to do, I have heard of a super powerful Umbreon called Yerta and I think you know where I can find him, tomorrow you must lead me to him.” I laid down on the grass and closed my eyes and went to sleep but even my dreams were distorted and became nightmares but the memories I was seeing weren’t mine they were Pallin’s of his passed and all that had happened to him, the evil trainer began to take shape in my mind, he was about 5 foot 6 inches tall and had black spiky hair, I heard his name being said over and over by Kellay and heard her pleading with him not to hit Pallin so much, but he either couldn’t or wouldn’t understand and I realised that Kellay had been trying to save Pallin from the evil Joe but Pallin had never heard her pleas because at the time her was unconscious.
The next morning Pallin woke me gently “Its time to find Yerta” he growled softly “by the way Ali I know you have a score to settle with him.” I nodded slightly and stood up and stretched, shook my coat and then started walking towards where I knew we would find Yerta.

Later that day

We were approaching Yerta’s territory and we had travelled a long way. I stopped to slack my thirst in a stream and I looked at my reflection, I looked tired and as I looked closer I was almost sure that I had started to grow tufts on the end of my ears. Pallin licked his lips after drinking in the stream and sat down watching me. I looked up at Pallin and stared towards Yerta’s territory, I already knew Yerta had sensed us and was making his way towards us at this very moment. I heard a sharp crackle as Yerta sprung out of the bush in front of us. “Well well what do we have hear, nice to see you again Ali, who’s you little friend” said Yerta looking at Pallin. Pallin looked at Yerta with interest in his eyes “I’m Pallin and I’m going to bring about your destruction Yerta. I’ve heard you of your reputation from a long way away and now I’m here to prove I’m stronger than you.” Yerta looked almost pleased to see his reputation had reached far away, he smiled at me and said “well nice friend Ali pity he is about to die.” I sat in the shadows a little way away watching with an almost evil interest – this should be fun I thought Yerta finally meeting his match – I knew Yerta hadn’t realised that Pallin could focus his power yet and actually that Pallin was stronger than Yerta. The thunder started to build as Yerta and Pallin squared up to each other, both of them started snarling and as the first crash of thunder was heard Yerta rushed at Pallin who stepped aside missing the rush. Pallin started to laugh then closed his eyes and started to focus his power, Yerta was startled but quick to react and started focussing his power too, but still managed to send Pallin flying into a tree with a well aimed quick attack. Pallin’s eyes sprung open and something that looked like fire burned in them. He looked at Yerta and sent a powerful beam of light rushing towards him, Yerta sent a beam of light back and both beams hit and stayed in the same place for a moment then Pallin’s beam started getting stronger and slowly it stared to push Yerta beam back towards him, Yerta looked frightened and tried harder to push Pallin’s beam away from him, Pallin simply smiled and powered up a little more sending his and Yerta’s own beam straight at Yerta. I ball of dark light surrounded Yerta for a split second and then it exploded. Yerta fell on his side and lay motionless on the floor – he was dead. Pallin laughed coldly “behold my power” he said laughing evilly. “Right Ali that only leaves five more victims to see to” he said turning to me, I wondered who he could mean, I couldn’t think of who else Pallin may be referring to. “Lets pay Kingler and the cubs a visit,” he said looking at me “Well lead the way,” he said still smiling at his defeat of Yerta. I led Pallin towards the clearing I had last seen my cubs and Kingler in. I sensed two pokemon approaching from our left and swung round to face them. Out of the bushes appeared two mouse pokemon who I recognised to be my friends Pikachu and Raichu, but what were they doing there I wondered. Raichu stepped forward and said “Ali we know its not your fault Pallin has you under some kind of hypnosis attack but we cant let you get any closer to Kingler and the cubs” “I’m so sorry that were going to have to put you out of action for a while, but really its in your best interests until we can figure out a way to stop Pallin” added Pikachu both Pikachu and Raichu sent a thunder attack flying towards me, suddenly a moonlight shield sprung up around me and before I knew what I was doing Pikachu and Raichu were sprawled out on the floor from a beam of light I had fired at them “shall I kill them?” I questioned Pallin “No, they are irrelevant the can live for the meanwhile” he replied and we stepped over their bodies and continued towards Kingler and the cubs. We arrived and Kingler was stood in front of Hyzenthlay, Vantrase, Gilliam and Pipkin. Kingler shouted at the cubs to run and they all turned and fled leaving me facing Kingler on his own – typical I thought to myself trust he to try and act brave well he will die like the rest did. I stepped forward and tackles Kingler sending him into a tree, I definitely had an advantage since Kingler didn’t want to hurt me. I raced after Kingler and sent him flying against a boulder and a crack was heard I realised Kingler’s shell was breaking slightly, I ran at him and tackled him again leaving him lying motionless on his back with his feet waving in the air I ran forward to put my teeth around his throat to kill him when he just looked into my eyes and said “I forgive you for what you are about to do may heaven have mercy on your soul for its not your fault, I love you Ali and if I die at your mercy Ill be a happy crab” he closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable but the inevitable never came because I was crying onto his shell. I had finally broken the hypnosis Pallin had on me, Kingler open his eyes and realised I had been released of Pallin’s power and hugged me, Pallin stood a little aback not quite realising that Kingler’s love had saved me. I turned to face Pallin and said “now for what you have done you will die” I sent a ball of dark light flying at him and he was knocked back in amazement and as I charged a more powerful ball of light he growled and turned and started to run away he looked over his shoulder at me and shouted “I’ll be back mark my word I’ll be back.” He disappeared into the shadows and I fell to the ground exhausted and received a crab hug from Kingler and he said, “Phew I'm glad that’s over” or is it…?

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Umbreon's Story: Pallin's Rein of Terror



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