Colosseum - Story Mode

Seth and His PokemonOne of the best features of Pokemon Colosseum is the unexpected Story Mode. The mode lasts about thirty hours and is quite different from the RPGs we play on our Game Boys. In the game, instead of catching Pokemon, the main character steals Pokemon from the devious Team Shadow. After you complete the RPG mode, you can trade your Pokemon from your Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green with the Pokemon you "steal".

The offical Japanese names for the two main characters are Leo and Mirie. The offical English names are Seth and Voila. Seth is a former member of Team Snagem, an organization that steals Pokemon from their Trainers. In the beginning, Seth only has an Espeon (at level 25) and a Umbreon (at level 26). Seth uses a Snatch Machine he stole from Team Snagem to steal the Pokemon from their evil trainers. Voila is a girl who can sense the Dark Ensence in the Pokemon that are used by Team Shadow. She follows you around after you save her from Team Shadow, but you can't play as her.

After you snag a Dark (or evil) Pokemon, you must train them in order to rid the of their darkness. They have five Dark status bars which tell you how dark they are. If the bars are full, then the Pokemon can only use the attack Dark Rush. Dark Rush has no type and deals recoil to the user. As the Pokemon heals, it gains more attacks. After all the status bars are empty you must take the Pokemon to a shrine in Ageto Village. The Pokemon will be completely healed and will gain all the experience points it should have gained during its battles.

There are 48 Pokemon that you must save from the evil trainers, and 1 Pokemon you can get after beating the entire game (Ho-oh!). Shadow Pokemon will appear purple in the PC and are surronded by the color purple in a battle. In the battle menu, instead of having the option "run", you have the option "call out" (because there are no wild Pokemon, run would be pretty pointless). The "call out" command can decrease the Dark Bar.

By: LeaderMarina