FireRed/LeafGreen - World Map

Kanto is the world for Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It has a total of 12 cities, islands, and towns, and 23 routes. It has other geographical features such as mountains and caves. This map shows you what Kanto looks like, and where the cities are. The cities below are listed in alphabetical order.

Kanto Map

1. Celadon City
2. Cerulean City
3. Cinnabar Island
4. Fuschia City
5. Indigo Plateau
6. Lavender Town
7. Pallet Town
8. Pewter City
9. Saffron City
10. Seafoam Islands
11. Vermilion City
12. Viridian City

The three maps below are maps of the Sevii Islands.

A. One Island
B. Two Island
C. Three Island
D. Four Island
E. Five Island
F. Six Island
G. Seven Island