News Archive - December 2001

New Year, New Layout
Posted On: Thursday, December 27, 2001
As the new year of 2002 comes, I'm building up a new layout (which I won't reveal) on a type of Pokemon. It's about the same thing as the current one, except on different types of Pokemon, and some links will be organized and stuff.

After going to the BMGf (BulbaGarden's Forums), I have found out all the episode names for the Johto League Champions. They can be found in the Episode Guide section. Also, it's only a few more episodes to the episode where Pikachu talks, known as The Man Who Speaks Pika in Japan. I wonder how 4Kids are going to make Pikachu talk in English!

Merry Christmas!
Posted On: Tuesday, December 25, 2001
I've put up a new News Report called Pokemon Advanced? #2, which can be found by clicking here. Also, I've set up sections for Southern Island and Pokemon Web. Well, they're very small since I don't know much about them. Find them in the TCG section.

Neo 4: Destiny
Posted On: Monday, December 24, 2001
Will there be a Neo 4 in North America? The answer is yes! It will be the new stuff for the new year, and will be released in Spring of 2002. It is called Neo: Destiny. I will be putting up info on it as soon as I get some. Right now I'm putting up sections on Pokemon Web and Southern Island.

Pokemon 2002
Posted On: Wednesday, December 19, 2001
I've finally got some great news! I've watched the 5th movie's trailer, got 5 screen shots, and put up the new section for the 5th movie (known as Pokemon 2002 in Japan), which can be found by clicking here. I've wrote a little about it, but there's more yet to come!

5th Movie
Posted On: Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Pokemon 2002According to some sites, a fifth movie on Pokemon will be coming out in Japan. It is about two new (never before seen) legendary birds. When I get more info on this new movie (known as Pocket Monsters 2002), I will be putting a page up for it.

Bee, a great artist who has sent PD many art before, has sent me another one. It's the Blackbelt Mewtwo; click here to check it out. Some new TCG decks are up. Unfortunately, there will be no more ratings.

It's Snowing!
Posted On: Saturday, December 15, 2001
It's cold outside, but it's snowing inside on PD! I put this up today just to show how cold it is. Delibird's liking it. Look, it doesn't even have a coat on! Recently, the visitors have gone way down. I'm trying now to get some more visitors, and make PD even better.

E-Card Info
Posted On: Tuesday, December 11, 2001
IGN has written an excellent news story on the E-Card Reader (don't they always?), which just come out. Click here for IGN's news. It features info, and quite a lot of pictures and videos.

I need some help real bad. I'm currently adding pages to the PokeDex (I've just added a few today), so I don't have time for much. What I would like some of you to do is go to the Episode Guide section and find guides that aren't there. I'm hoping that some of you can send me some episode synopsis. So please, help me out.

Some New Episode Guides
Posted On: Sunday, December 9, 2001
I've added quite a few episode guides. They aren't new, but they're recent. Check them out in the Episode Guide section.

Now, there're some bad news. First of all, one of our topsites, Pokemon Top 50, has been taking over by The other bad news is that PD might not ever have a bulliten board again. F2S is closing, and that's the only free CGI server I know. If you know any, contact me immediately.

Christmas Is Almost Here
Posted On: Thursday, December 6, 2001
Christmas is almost here, and I'm thinking of making some snow drift around Pokemon Dream. Kids will be getting all sorts of games. Pokemon too? Well, not this Christmas. The only thing that looks like a game is Pokemon Mini, and a Pikachu Gameboy Advanced. Let's just hope Gameboy TCG 2 comes out soon...