News Archive - June 2001

A New One In The Making
Posted On: Wednesday, June 27, 2001
A brand new layout, yes again, is in the making! I started making it the first days on June, and it's almost complete. The menu will be extended back. It will be a sort of Pichu and Pikachu layout. Also, Audrey the person who writes Episode Guides for The PokeMasters and BulbGarden will be sending PD episode guides too! And now, a bad news. ListBot will stop it's service soon, and so, no more mailing list for PD! And also, it would be funny (actually, more scary) if Pokemon Dome only have four news posts this month.

Pokemon Dome Deleted
Posted On: Saturday, June 23, 2001
It looks like Pokemon Dome has been hacked somehow. Only 7 files were deleted though. The three buttons, one banner, the front page, and the 2 menu files. This caused the layout to totally crash, which wasn't good. If you came here while Pokemon Dome was in that stage, then you could see the directories instead of Pokemon Dome. I've totally gone down in the topsites, since it hasn't been exposed much.

I think I know who did this horrible thing. The webmaster from TPPC, Psyducks something something. Why do I believe that it is this person? Because recently, he put his link under the affiliates section on PD, and switched my topsites with his. While he looked all good and that on his topsites, Pokemon Dome was dropping. I hope that you will all continue to visit this site, even though it isn't updated. It will be soon.

Why All The Mistakes?
Posted On: Saturday, June 9, 2001
As you probably know, Neo Discovery came out around a week ago. But the problem is, like always, there are errors. Click here to go to Pokemon Aaah!, one of the best unofficial TCG sites out there. The link takes you to a page full of TCG mistakes.

I've fixed the Pokedex. Also, the Fan Fics section is updated with around 12 new Fan Fics, and two new pictures for the Fan Art section. Finally, Pokemon Dome has Editorials, both written by me! I've added Gameshark codes for Stadium and Stadium 2. Expect tons of Gameshark codes coming by. Also, a new staff: Digital Pikachu, the Gaming Expert and episode guide writer. Finally, the new polls are up. 43 people have already voted, and they are all unique votes!!! This also means that Pokemon Dome is getting tons more hits.

Where Were You, Mewtwo?
Posted On: Sunday, June 3, 2001
Good question! Well, sorry to disapoint you, but you're gonna get a bad answer. I wasn't online. Bad enough? I haven't updated for more than a week! Now that is quite a long time. The polls will be up soon. There are three new things. First, the new java Pokedex. Pokemon numbers 152-254 (including the three new Pokemon) only has pictures, no information. There is a huge picture error after Slugma, you'll see why. I'll be fixing that soon. Then there is a Dictionary. It explains how Pokemon/Locations got their names. Finally...

The new layout! Unless you have a problem, you won't notice the huge change of look. Not only the colors and images have been changed, the format has changed! This is probably my most favorite layout yet!