News Stories - My Pokemon Story

How did you get into Pokemon? Friends maybe? TV? Toys R Us? Whatever and whoever you got it from, it's still the same old Pokemon. How did I get into it? Keep on reading to find out.

It was a normal day in school. I saw a few of my friends (who all now hate Pokemon) holding a magazine. I took a look, and I saw a whole bunch of stupid looking animals. A Geodude was flying with a Pidgeotto in the air, while a net is behind them. Of course, I didn't know what the names are back then. "What's your favorite Pokemon?" asked a friend. "Pikachu!" said another friend, pointing at this yellow rat. Then they told me to guess some Pokemon names. I had no idea, but they told me a few. Geodude, Pidgeotto, Pikachu, and a few more that I don't remember. And then the lunch lady shoved the lunch in my face.

One day I saw my friend (Curtis) taking out some Pokemon cards to show off. Those aren't the TCG we know today. Those were Japanese anime cards. I bought two for ten cents, and kept on checking 'em out. He told me to watch the show on TV. 3:30 on UPN. I tried to watch it, but only reached the end. Ash and Misty were walking down a grassy hill. Even today, I have no idea what episode that was. But the next day, I watched a full episode. The Primeape episode, also known as Primeape Goes Bananas. It was pretty funny, not to mention cool. So I kept on watching, and watching, and watching.

Another day, Curtis gave me a list of the 151 Pokemon. It was he that made me memorize all the names. Then he brought in a game, called Pokemon Blue Version. I watched them play, and thought it was pretty boring. But when I played, it was fun. I liked it very much. But I never got the game, and never will.

Guess what, it's another day! A friend named Jayson brought in a starter set with Pokemon cards in them (this time, the TCG). Curtis bought it off of him for 20 bucks (quite stupid, eh?). Curtis kept on collecting these cards, and had a whole bunch. He said that he had 7 Charizards, but I only saw two.

But now what? Jayson doesn't give a rat's behind about Pokemon, and Curtis sold all his cards for $3000 bucks. But who can believe him, he's a liar about everything. I'm probably the only person who still likes Pokemon so much among my friends. Curtis still sort of like the cards, Travis (another good friend) likes the games only, Stanley still likes Pokemon (thank goodness), and that's about it.

By: Mewtwo