Vermilion City

Pokemon Red and Blue

118Goldeen10Fishing with a Good Rod100%
098Krabby15Fishing with a Super Rod100%
129Magikarp5Fishing with an Old Rod200%
060Poliwag10Fishing with a Good Rod100%
090Shellder15Fishing with a Super Rod100%

Pokemon Yellow

118Goldeen10Fishing with a Good Rod50%
116Horsea5Fishing with a Super Rod10%
129Magikarp5Fishing with an Old Rod100%
060Poliwag10Fishing with a Good Rod50%
090Shellder10Fishing with a Super Rod10%
120Staryu15Fishing with a Super Rod20%
072Tentacool10-20Fishing with a Super Rod160%

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

170Chinchou20Fishing with a Good Rod40%
170Chinchou40Fishing with a Super Rod80%
050Diglett24-37Smashing rocks90%
171Lanturn40Fishing with a Super Rod20%
129Magikarp40Fishing with a Super Rod100%
129Magikarp20Fishing with a Good Rod105%
129Magikarp10Fishing with an Old Rod170%
090Shellder40Fishing with a Super Rod60%
090Shellder20Fishing with a Good Rod20%
213Shuckle32-35Smashing rocks10%
072Tentacool10Fishing with an Old Rod30%
072Tentacool20Fishing with a Good Rod60%
073Tentacruel40Fishing with a Super Rod40%