Episode #285 - All Things Bright and Beautifly!

Our heroes finally arrive at Rustboro City, but Ash's enthusiasm is dampened when Max tells him the Gym is another day's walk on the other side of town. A sign on a stadium advertises a Pokemon Contest. Suddenly a Pokemon flies into May's face, startling everyone. It lands on her head and the Pokedex identifies it as a Beautifly.

A young woman approaches and Brock flirts with her, but the Beautifly perches on his head to stop him. She's Janet, and her boyfriend is Chas. They were training their Beautifly and Venomoth but were having trouble with the attacks. Janet explains that this Pokemon contest is about the beauty of the attack and not the raw power. She and Chas show off the ribbons they won, and the kids decide to try to enter the contest.

Team Rocket is in town too. Jessie tries to sign up for the contest, but the clerk at the desk informs her that her card is expired. However, she can renew the card, and Jessie is happy.

The gang arrives at the stadium only to find out that there are no more spots available to enter. However they do get passes to watch. Ash inquires about the Gym and Chas tells him that the Rustboro Gym is a Rock gym which will be difficult for an Electric type like Pikachu. There is a way for Pikachu to learn a new attack though, and Chas gives a demonstration by having his Sentret break a rock using Iron Tail. So Ash begins to train Pikachu to strengthen his tail.

Jessie reads a book about Pokemon attacks. Her plan is to win the contest so she can start a Jessie Fan Club, then recruit new Team Rocket members from the club.

In the stadium, Janet explains that the judges award points based on the style of the Pokemon's attack and how well it works with its trainer. Meanwhile Ash is still training hard with Pikachu when he realizes that he's missing Chas's turn, and runs to the stadium just in time to see Janet's turn with her Beautifly. She ends up getting top points. By contrast, Jessie (in disguise) attempts to use Seviper but it doesn't know any of the moves she tries to get it to do, and she gets zero points. When the results are posted, it looks like Janet and Chas might face each other in the final round.

Outside, Jessie is upset that she lost, but Meowth suggests that they go back and steal the Pokemon taking part in the contest.

The next phase of the contest is a five-minute timed battle, where the winner is the Pokemon with the most points. Janet's Beautifly and Chas's Venomoth go head to head, but Beautifly quickly takes the lead and eventually wins!

Two strangers appear on stage to congratulate Janet, handing her a bouquet which spews out smoke! When the smoke clears, Team Rocket has Venomoth and Beautifly netted. Ash sends Pikachu to battle Jessie's Seviper but when he tries Iron Tail it doesn't work. May gets Torchic to free the two captive Pokemon, and Venomoth and Beautifly team up to send Team Rocket blasting off.

Later as Janet shows off her ribbon, May decides to enter contests and compete just like Janet, despite Max's reminder about the upcoming Gym battle. Chas tells Ash to keep working on the Iron Tail move.

By: Audrey