Episode #302 - A Meditite Fight

Ash and his Pokemon are still training and it seems their efforts are paying off. Brock calls everyone for breakfast, but a girl surfs into the beach and introduces herself as Shauna, the Battle Girl. She claims she's Brawly's top apprentice and wants to challenge Ash. He prepares to battle but his grumbling stomach causes Brock to suggest that Shauna join them for breakfast. Pikachu watches the ocean.

Team Rocket is also having breakfast in their Magikarp sub. Meowth has a plan to surprise the kids and catch Pikachu.

May and Max notice that Shauna has a similar competitive attitude as Ash does. Shauna explains that she challenged Ash because she thinks that he might be a better trainer than she is, and tries to out-race Ash in washing dishes so they can battle sooner. Brock gathers firewood and notices that the wild Pokemon seem to be running away from the beach, and clouds are gathering in the distance.

Finally Ash and Shauna start their battle. Shauna's Pokemon is a Meditite, and Ash uses Pikachu. She tries to beat Ash by brute force, but he has Pikachu dodge every move and wait for an opportunity to strike. Team Rocket watches from nearby, frustrated that nobody is falling into any of the many trap holes that they dug on the beach.

Suddenly Brawly appears and tells Ash and Shauna to stop battling. A hurricane is coming and they have to get to higher ground. He knows of a cave where they'll be safe, so everyone quickly packs up. Team Rocket decides to ride out the storm underwater in the sub.

The storm hits sooner than expected, and the kids come across a few Seedot and Shroomish that got left behind, so they take them along. Team Rocket is unable to get the sub hatch open and they are swept away by a huge wave.

Brawly leads everyone up a steep path. May is afraid of the height so Ash says to hold hands. Shauna is embarrassed, and when Brock asks her why she admits that she's not really Brawly's apprentice but wants to be his girlfriend. Brawly says they'll talk later. They continue, avoiding several hazards with the help of their Pokemon. Team Rocket lands on top of them and begs for their help, and Brawly agrees.

Finally they all reach the cave, many Pokemon have also taken shelter there. Brawly says that he didn't make Shauna his apprentice because although she's a good battler, she has a short fuse and needs to connect more with her Pokemon. He goes on to say that humans can learn a lot from nature and it's better to live with nature instead of trying to control it.

By the next morning the storm has passed, and the wild Pokemon have left. Team Rocket stands up and threatens to catch Pikachu. Ash is ready to fight but Brawly warns him that battling here could destroy the cave. His Hariyama sends Team Rocket blasting off, and Shauna asks Ash to battle with her again.

They return to the beach for a Meditite vs. Pikachu rematch. This time Shauna has changed her strategy and is being much more patient. However, Ash's training has greatly improved his battling, and he wins. Brawly is impressed with both of them and takes Shauna as his apprentice. Ash asks him for a Gym rematch and he agrees. Brawly knows a perfect spot: a small rocky island just offshore.

By: Audrey