Episode #370 - The Scuffle Of Legends

Team Aqua uses Kyogre to start a huge thunderstorm that begins to flood the land. Archie uses the Red Orb to control its actions. Team Magma rushes over to them and let out their Pokemon for a battle, so Archie flies off in a helicopter. Maxie and Lance (disguised as a Team Magma member) follow him in a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Ash is back in the Team Magma cell and Pikachu's eyes turn red because of the Blue Orb. It gives him extreme power, and he uses Thunderbolt on the wall, making a hole, just big anough for him to fit through. He then escapes to go free Groudon.

Teams Aqua and Magma have landed on the ground, and Archie, Maxie, Isabel, Harlin, and Lance argue over what is going on. Lance, taking off his Team Magma suit, manages to get through to Team Magma, while Archie summons Kyogre with the Red Orb.

Lance hurries back to Ash's cell to rescue him, where he meets up with May, Max, and Brock. His Dragonite frees Ash, and the five hurry out of Team Magma's ship, knowing that Kyogre and Groudon will be battling right outside. They hurry down and see the Red Orb bond with Archie, giving him the power to control Kyogre without holding anything. They see Pikachu on Groudon's head, which helps him with Kyogre, which would normally have an advantage over him.

Lance and Ash get on Lance's Dragonite to go stop Kyogre, while May, Max, and Brock get on his Gyarados to stop Archie. The three on Gyarados attack Archie with their Pokemon, and he, outraged, sends Kyogre after them. Groudon then emits a large beam at Kyogre, knocking him underwater. The Red Orb un-bonds with Archie, and the Blue Orb un-bonds with Pikachu, causing both to fall into the water.

Team Aqua goes to rescue Archie and brings him up to the surface. Ash goes underwater to save Pikachu, and Kyogre, no longer controlled by the Red Orb, brings them back to the shore. For a few seconds they think the two are dead, but they come around.

The Orbs rise into the air and combine. They then shatter into many pieces, which rain down into the water. Hyogre and Groudon leave, and Ash wonders if they will ever see them again...

By: Celebi2000