Episode #14 - Electric Shock Showdown

The gang finally gets to Vermillion City, and Ash first takes his Pokemon to the Pokemon Center. In there, they see many injured Pokemon. This is the result of getting defeated by Lt. Surge, the gym leader here. Pikachu is scared, but goes to the gym anyway. In the gym were two people, and a huge gym leader. The gym leader called Ash a baby, with a baby Pokemon. Lt. Surge's Pokemon was Raichu, and Ash's was Pikachu. Team Rocket watched outside the whole time. Pikachu was defeated, and sent to the Pokemon Center. Brock had figured out a plan, and they were back at the gym. Team Rocket even cheered for Pikachu. This time, Pikachu was agile, fast, and speeding along. Since Lt. Surge had evolved his Pikachu into a Raichu right when he got it, Brock figured that the quick moves can only be learned in the Pikachu stage. Pikachu soon defeats Raichu, and Ash gets the Thunder Badge.