Episode #24 - Haunter vs. Kadabra

Once again, Ash and friends arrive at Saffron City, this time accompanied by Haunter, the ghost Pokemon. Then went into the gym and met Sabrina once again. Sabrina sent out Kadabra, and Ash sent out Haunter. But all of a sudden, Haunter disappeared! All of them started to run away, but Brock and Misty were turned into real dolls. They were back in the doll house, and saw Sabrina's mom, also a doll. Ash was teleported to safety by the old man again.

Outside, Ash explained how he was about to battle, when his ghost Pokemon, Haunter, disappeared. The old man explained that when Sabrina was small, she practiced her psychic powers, destroying everything, from a spoon to a building. Then she became evil, and her body split into two. The little girl, the old Sabrina that everyone loved, and the Sabrina everyone feared. Ash now knew everything about this gym leader, and also knew that the old man was her father.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket disguised as window cleaners on top of a building, and was about to capture Pikachu with a fishing net. Haunter made some funny faces at them, and they fell off the building while laughing. Ash found Haunter, and took it back to the gym.

Sabrina sent out Kadabra, and Ash with Haunter. Once again, it was gone! Pikachu decided to battle, but was creamed again. Just then, the old man came with Haunter. Haunter made funny faces at Sabrina, and created a bomb. After the bomb exploded, Sabrina laughed with joy, for the first time since she became evil. Kadabra laughed too, because they were telepathically connected. Kadabra was unable to battle, and Ash got his badge. The little girl disappeared, and Brock, Misty, and Sabrina's mom were dolls no more. Haunter stayed with Sabrina, and the gang left.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket were being poured with cement because of the hole they made from falling down. Now they're having a stone!