Episode #25 - Primeape Goes Bananas

Today Ash wanted to go to Celadon City, where he could earn his next badge. But it will take at least one day! Ash was eating donuts when he saw a Mankey, and gave it a donut. While it was eating, Ash threw a pokeball at it. The Mankey was mad, and started to chase Ash and friends. In the process, Mankey took Ash's hat. Team Rocket came, and kicked Mankey away into a bush. In that bush, Mankey evolved into Primeape. It started to beat everybody up. Ash and friends ran, and soon split up. Ash was being chased by Primeape, and fell into a hole Team Rocket made.Ash got back up, and used his Pokemon to battle Primeape. Nothing worked, and so he tried Charmander. Charmander smoked Primeape with a rage attack, and Ash caught Primeape. Ash and friends realized that they were now in Celadon City, and wouldn't have been possible without Primeape chasing them.