Episode #185 - Moving Pictures

As our friends continue their journey, clouds gather. Misty thinks it looks like rain. They all hear something in the bushes, and they go over to see their old photographer friend Todd snapping pictures of Bellossom. He's happy to see them and says he has been taking pictures of a lot of Grass type Pokemon, but really wants to see Articuno. Ash's Pokedex says it's a legendary Pokemon, and Ash doubts that it's real, but Todd insists that it is.

Suddenly something falls out of the sky! It turns out to be a Sunkern that is frozen in a block of ice. Brock picks it up and they all run to a nearby lodge. Team Rocket listens from the bushes and plans to steal Sunkern and Pikachu.

At the lodge, an old woman warms up the Sunkern with a hot water bath and it seems okay. She introduces herself as Sophia and invites them to tea. She tells a romantic story about herself and her husband when they were young, which turns out to not be entirely true - she reads a lot of romance novels. Her husband is Marcello, and today happens to be their 50th anniversary.

Every year they have had their picture taken on the south slope with the Sunflora that come to enjoy the mild weather. Unfortunately there are no Sunflora this year because the weather has been unusually cold. Todd suggests that they go to take the picture anyway. Brock brings along the Sunkern, perhaps it can help them find out what happened. Team Rocket follows them.

They soon arrive at the south slope, it used to be green but is now rocky and barren. It starts to snow, even though it's the wrong time of the year. Then they all see a snow-making machine. Team Rocket makes their entrance and uses the machine to bury them all in snow! Pikachu tries to zap Team Rocket but can't because he's too cold, so Ash releases Bulbasaur. However Meowth uses the machine to bury Bulbasaur in snow too, and Arbok captures Pikachu.

Then Sunkern uses its Sunny Day attack to part the clouds. The sun shines down and melts the snow, enabling Bulbasaur to use its Solar Beam to blast the machine. Pikachu is freed. Team Rocket attempts to get away in their balloon but Pikachu sends them blasting off.

Todd still wants to take the anniversary picture of Sophia and Marcello. Brock suggests that Ash use the Sun Stone that he won in the bug-catching contest to evolve Sunkern into Sunflora. Ash does so, and the newly-evolved Sunflora calls more Sunflora back to the slope. The couple gets to have their picture after all.

As Todd snaps the picture, he sees something fly by in the distance. Convinced that he saw Articuno, he wants to track it down to take its picture. The others agree to help him search.

By: Audrey