Episode #194 - Control Freak

The kids have stopped for lunch and Brock is feeding his Golbat when the Golbat hears something and flies away. The kids chase it, and are led to a rocky area where a young woman is lying passed out. Brock runs to help and she recovers, then she panics and asks about her detector, which looks badly damaged. Brock thinks he can fix it.

Brock works on the equipment at the woman's cabin. She introduces herself as Tiera, she's an archaeologist. She's looking for a temple that's buried here somewhere. Legend has it that the temple holds a mask and staff which were used to control Pokemon without catching them. Team Rocket is on the roof, eavesdropping. They'll steal the mask and staff and use them to control all the Pokemon they want and bring them back to the boss!

Soon, Brock has solved Tiera's problem. The detector itself was beyond repair, but he rigged a laptop to interpret Golbat's supersonic waves, so they can find the temple that way. Golbat quickly locates an underground chamber but Tiera's digging equipment was also destroyed. Brock releases Geodude and asks his Pokemon to dig to the chamber.

Team Rocket is not far away, with their own digging machine that looks like a cross between a drill and a Dugtrio. They'll beat the kids to the chamber and steal the artifacts! Eventually they break through into the room and see a statue bearing a gold mask and staff. At once Jessie puts them on and commands James and Meowth to kneel, but they're skeptical. She uses the staff to make Victreebell come out and attack James, but Meowth says that doesn't prove anything because Victreebell usually attacks James anyway. So she commands Meowth to do a dance, and he does so, albeit unwillingly.

Our heroes and Tiera reach the chamber and see what's happened. Tiera yells for them to put the artifacts down but Jessie refuses and orders Pikachu to shock Ash. Ash is confident that his own Pikachu won't hurt him, but to everyone's surprise Pikachu turns around and zaps him. Then Jessie calls Pikachu to her and wants to leave, but unfortunately the digging machine has to be turned upside down in order for it to get back to the surface.

Brock releases his Pokemon to rescue Pikachu, but Jessie controls them too. However, Golbat is able to break free of the staff's control and attack her! Tiera theorizes that the staff uses ultrasonic waves to control Pokemon and Golbat can use its own supersonic waves to counter it. Furious, Jessie makes Geodude attack Golbat and has Onix carry the digger out of the chamber. As Team Rocket escapes, part of the ceiling falls, burying everyone.

They're all okay, but Golbat is trapped under the rock somewhere. Brock refuses to leave without his Pokemon and listens closely. Tiera notes that humans can't usually hear such high-frequency sounds that Golbat makes, but Misty is confident that Brock can. Brock finds Golbat and digs it out, and they all run for it as the rest of the ceiling comes down.

On the surface, Jessie wants to get further revenge on Ash and walks with Pikachu to the edge of their escape tunnel. Suddenly Pikachu reverts to normal and attacks her! When Brock and the others emerge from the ground, Tiera sees this and says that the mask and staff only work within the boundary of the village, which is marked by a row of stones. Not wanting to live here for the rest of her life, Jessie decides to retreat.

Team Rocket attempts to escape in their digger, which can also fly. Noctowl and Golbat chase it, but it's too fast. Brock urges Golbat onward, and it evolves into Crobat! Crobat easily brings the rocket down, and when the kids catch up, Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again. The mask and staff are safe.

As the kids prepare to continue their journey, Brock says he wants to stay with Tiera and help her with her research, but Misty drags him away by the ear. They all agree that catching and training your own Pokemon is much more satisfying that just controlling them.

By: Audrey