Episode #197 - Current Events

Ash and friends pass by a windy field and notice a windmill driven generating station. They decide to take a break and Ash lets out his Pokemon. He volunteers to go to look for firewood, and since Pikachu is asleep he takes Chikorita with him.

Team Rocket is in the area also, hungry as usual, and unknown to them, they are being followed by Jigglypuff. They find the station and thinking there might be a food inside, they pick the door lock and break in. Once inside though, they meet a bunch of hostile Magnemites.

Ash and Chikorita find the open door left by Team Rocket and take a look around. The wind blows the door closed, trapping them inside! Ash pounds on the door and Pikachu hears him, and leads the others to the building. After hearing Ash's explanation, Brock says he'll call the electric company to send someone to help him get out. Unfortunately it might take a while for help to arrive.

Chikorita finds a floor map, and Ash decides to get to the control room, maybe there will be a button or something to open the door. As they walk, they meet the Magnemites, and flee from the electric attacks. Team Rocket catches sight of Ash and they realise that it will be easier to deal with him since Pikachu isn't with him. Jigglypuff suddenly shows up but before it can sing, Jessie grabs its microphone and throws it down the corridor.

The Magnemites corner Ash and he's forced to battle his way out. He comes across the discarded microphone and an angry Jigglypuff, but is more interested in the stairs leading down to the next level. Now Jigglypuff sings, putting the Magnemites to sleep, which allows Team Rocket to follow Ash unimpeded.

More problems await Ash below, as this floor is guarded by Electrodes! He and Chikorita run as the Electrodes explode all around them. They encounter Jigglypuff again, and rather than be put to sleep, Ash grabs the microphone and throws it away before continuing onward. The mike lands at the feet of Team Rocket, and Jessie tosses it further. Eventually Jigglypuff finds it and sings, and the Electrodes fall asleep.

Team Rocket next finds a room guarded by an Electabuzz. Meowth learns that it's the head of the Pokemon security squad. Team Rocket manages to stop it from attacking them by telling a story that there was a "suspicious twerp" hanging around. The Electabuzz goes off in search of Ash, and TR plans to capture it and Chikorita once they are worn out from battling each other.

Outside, a woman from the electric company arrives and attempts to fix the door lock. She explains (amid Brock's flirting) that the Pokemon inside are trained to attack intruders. After several tries she gets the door open, and they all head in.

Still looking for the control room, Ash meets the Electabuzz. He battles it with Chikorita, but in the middle of the fight a cage drops down and captures both Pokemon! Team Rocket gloats and runs for a nearby elevator. Unable to catch them, Ash races up the stairs. Misty gets a glimpse of Ash as he goes by, and realises there's trouble.

Ash intercepts the escaping Team Rocket outside, but they send Arbok and Victreebell to attack him, and he gets pounded into the ground. Chikorita becomes so upset that it evolves into Bayleef! Its Razor Leaf attack is now powerful enough to break the cage, and it frees itself and the Electabuzz.

The woman, Misty, and Brock arrive. Electabuzz and Pikachu team up to stun Team Rocket with electric attacks, and Bayleef sends them blasting off with its Vine Whip. The woman apologises for the behaviour of the security Pokemon, but Ash says he shouldn't have gone inside in the first place.

As the kids prepare to depart, Jigglypuff comes out of the building and sings before anyone can stop it. They all fall asleep, and the annoyed Jigglypuff scribbles on their faces with a marker before leaving.

By: Audrey