Episode #199 - Doin' What Comes Natu-Rally

Ash and friends are walking along, feeling hungry. They overhear a boy talking to Noddy, his Natu, and decide to ask him where the next town is. When they approach, however, the boy gets scared and runs. They find the town on their own and discover that a Pokemon Street Performer festival is underway. Various trainers are performing tricks with their Pokemon, including Aipom acrobatics and Cubone juggling.

Team Rocket is also in town, checking out the festival. There's the potential to make a lot of money with these trained Pokemon.

Our heroes come to a booth where a man is explaining that his Natu can see the future. A girl volunteers to have her fortune told, and after going through a short routine, the Natu uses its Future Sight to bring the girl a scroll. Misty wants to have her future read, so the man calls for his son Mackenzie who has another Natu. To the kids' surprise, it's the boy from earlier. Unfortunately as he goes through the routine he forgets his lines, and runs away, embarrassed.

Misty and the others follow him to a park and introduce themselves. Mackenzie explains that he when he goes on stage with Noddy, he gets so scared that he can't think. Ash and Misty volunteer to help him get over his nervousness.

As Team Rocket wanders around town, James runs into the pushy Magikarp salesman from Vermilion City. Before he can get even with the man for swindling him before, Jessie grabs him and tells him that they're going to capture the performing Pokemon and start their own performing business to make a fortune.

In the park, Misty gives Mackenzie a mask in the hopes that he'll feel better about performing. Mackenzie and Noddy go through the fortune-telling routine but Noddy's Future Sight doesn't work. Brock suggests that Noddy's level needs to be raised. Ash is keen to battle in order to do so, but Mackenzie doesn't want to. Mackenzie's father shows up and agrees that the mask is a good idea and more experience would also help.

A little while later Mackenzie goes back on stage with his father and starts to do a funny routine with Noddy. All is going well, but suddenly Team Rocket appears in their balloon! They swing down from trapezes and snatch the Pokemon from their trainers, including Natu, then escape under the cover of Weezing's Smokescreen. Jessie has big plans for their performing Pokemon, but the Machoke they caught manages to break its ropes and get away.

The kids and trainers are searching the woods when they meet the Machoke, which leads them to where Team Rocket is hiding. Bayleef frees the captured Pokemon and brings down the balloon. Mackenzie and his Natu take on both Arbok and Victreebell before Bayleef comes to the rescue and Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off.

When the smoke clears they discover they're in front of a school. The teacher asks if they can put on a show for the children because it's too far for them to travel to town for the festival, and Mackenzie's father encourages his son to perform. Mackenzie and Noddy do the routine perfectly, to the children's delight, and Brock comments that Noddy's level must have increased in the battle. After the show, Ash and his friends depart.

By: Audrey