Episode #225 - For Ho-oh the Bells Toll

Ash and friends are still in Ecruteak City, looking at a map and trying to figure out which way would be the best way to go. Suddenly bells begin to ring from the direction of the Tin Tower. Morty the Gym Leader comes out of his house, thinking that this might mean the return of Ho-oh. Another boy, whom Morty addresses as Eucene, says it could also be Suicune.

Morty and Eucene ascend to the top of the tower to check the four Crystal Bells that are supposed to ring when Ho-oh arrives. However the bells are missing! Morty sends his Gengar out to investigate. It's Team Rocket that has stolen the bells, and they plan to use them to attract Ho-oh so they can catch it. Jessie tries to ring the bells but they make no sound. She whirls them about but loses her grip on one, and it smashes on the ground. Soon Team Rocket is surrounded by angry grass and bug type Pokemon.

Our heroes meet Morty at the Gym and are introduced to Eucene, who is an expert on legendary Pokemon, Suicune in particular. Morty tells him that Ash saw a Ho-oh on the first day of his Pokemon journey, but Eucene is skeptical. Morty tells a story that when the original Tin Tower burned 300 years ago, the only things that survived were 32 metal bells and four Crystal Bells. These were put into the new Tower in the hopes that Ho-oh would return. Eucene continues that the ringing was a signal that the Crystal Bells had been stolen, as well as a warning to beware the anger of Ho-oh. Its anger would only be calmed when the hearts of men and Pokemon met as one. Ho-oh also sent three legendary Pokemon to observe mankind until that day: Suicune, Entei, and Raikou.

Ash tells Eucene that he met Suicune once (in the fourth movie). Eucene insists that is impossible and challenges Ash to a battle, releasing an Alakazam. Before they can begin, one of Morty's students runs up and tells them to look outside. The nearby woods and the entire town have been covered in webs! Morty theorizes that when the Crystal Bells were stolen, the natural balance was disturbed, and normally peaceful Pokemon have become aggressive. This seems to be the case, because when they try to leave the Gym, they are forced back by Tangela and Parasect. Ash is determined to put a stop to this.

Morty's Gengar helps them get past the Pokemon, and Ash's Cyndaquil clears the webs from the path through the woods. Eventually they find Team Rocket wrapped in webs and hanging from a tree. Only three bells can be seen underneath the tree though, and Meowth blabs that Jessie broke one. Morty moves to retrieve the remaining bells but they are guarded by Pokemon. Ash tries to reason with the Pokemon, but they shoot webs at him. Eucene's Alakazam protects them from the web, but is knocked back by a Tangela's Vine Whip.

A breeze blows through the woods and the webs begin to melt away. In a clearing nearby stands Suicune! Jessie immediately attacks it with Arbok, but Suicune sends Team Rocket blasting off. Ash and Suicune watch each other for a moment. Suddenly Eucene attacks with his Alakazam, determined to make Suicune his own! The Alakazam is no match for the legendary Pokemom, and when the smoke clears, Suicune has disappeared. A rainbow appears in the sky and the rest of the webs covering the town vanish. Morty is convinced that this is the power of the Ho-oh.

Later that evening, Ash and friends prepare to leave and say their farewells to Morty. Eucene has already gone, to search for Suicune. With the bells back in the tower, Morty still believes that the Ho-oh will return one day, and our three friends agree.

By: Audrey