Episode #227 - An Egg-Sighting Adventure

As our friends continue on their journey to Mahogany Town, they discuss what kind of Pokemon will hatch from Ash's egg. Team Rocket watches from the bushes, and thinking that the egg might contain a rare Pokemon, decide to steal it.

A storm comes up and the kids seek shelter at a Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy shows them to a room and they all turn in for the night. Team Rocket waits outside until everyone is asleep, then Meowth picks the lock with a claw and they sneak in. Despite frequent interruptions by Wobbuffet, they manage to get into the kids' room and see the case containing the egg sitting on a desk.

However, Jessie and James begin to quarrel over who should get the egg. The noise wakes up Togepi and it uses its Metronome to teleport the case outside. Team Rocket starts to look for it, but they become distracted by a bowl of fruit in the kitchen. Outside, a young Kangaskhan and its mother find the egg. The mother puts the egg in her pouch and they walk away.

Ash wakes up from a dream to see that his egg is gone. The police are promptly called, and the approaching siren scares off Team Rocket who are still in the kitchen gulping down food. Officer Jenny is on the case, although this Jenny seems a little flaky.

First the center's Chansey are called but none of them have the egg. Then Jenny releases a Growlithe and asks it to track the egg by using Ash's scent, and it leads them into the woods. Seeing that everyone is gone, Team Rocket sneak back into the Centre to steal more food. Growlithe finds the case but there's no egg in it. They search a nearby Exeggcute nest but there's nothing there, so they head back to the Centre to search again more thoroughly. Back in the kids' room, Jenny notes that there's no sign of forced entry through the window, and the door had been securely locked, so perhaps the thief was someone that was already in the room - like Brock!

Ash and Misty are outraged, saying Brock couldn't do something like that. Then Misty notices scratch marks on the door handle, indicating that the lock was picked. Jenny brings out a Jumpluff, which uses its spores to dust the floor, revealing several sets of footprints. Joy says that the floor was cleaned the previous day, so any prints that are not theirs would be those of the criminal.

There are more footprints in the hall, including those of a Pokemon, which lead to the kitchen. Ash deduces that Team Rocket are the culprits, and everyone heads to the kitchen. However, Team Rocket hears them coming and manages to slip away. The chase is on!

Back outside, the kids meet the Kangaskhan, and Ash convinces it that the egg is his. Jenny comes up with a wild (and wrong) story about how the Kangaskhan got the egg. Team Rocket appears in their balloon and snatches the egg away with a robot arm! They don't have it for long, as the Kangaskhan and Jenny's Growlithe defeat them and get the egg back. Pikachu delivers the last blow to send them blasting off. Ash thanks the Kangaskhan as well as Joy and Jenny, and the three friends depart.

By: Audrey