Episode #240 - As Clear as Crystal

The magic spell that turned Ash into a Pikachu in the previous episode wears off, and all is well. Except for the fact that the three friends seem to be lost again. Misty yells at Ash for getting them lost and says she preferred it when he was a Pikachu.

They encounter a strangely-dressed pair on the road. The pair notices that Pikachu seems tired, and they unveil a chair that they claim will recharge a Pikachu's energy. The woman puts Pikachu in the chair, and immediately the chair is picked up from above by a robot clamp. Meowth is at the controls, and the odd couple turn out to be Jessie and James! Team Rocket flies away in their balloon with the captive Pikachu. Ash tells Pikachu to shock them, but the chair absorbs its electricity! Eventually though, Pikachu overloads the chair and Team Rocket is sent blasting off by the explosion.

Pikachu has been severely drained. A girl arrives and tells the kids that she can help, but they have to promise that what she's about to show them will be kept a secret. She leads them to a lake where many electric Pokemon are sitting in the water, and explains that the lake water can heal electric Pokemon. Ash puts Pikachu in the water and it feels better.

Ash and friends are taken out to the middle of the lake in a boat, and the girl shows them the lake's secret: an underwater temple that holds a large glowing crystal! Legend has it that at one time the temple was above ground, but heavy rain caused it to slide into the lake. The crystal attracts many electric Pokemon to the area. Nearby, Team Rocket uses a parabolic microphone to hear the story, and they decide to steal the crystal and get rich.

Brock wonders how bad it would be if the crystal were to fall into the wrong hands. Meanwhile Team Rocket uses a small submarine shaped like a Tentacruel to dive into the lake and grab the crystal, which immediately stops glowing. They soon emerge from the water and are picked up by Meowth in the balloon. The upset electric Pokemon zap them, but the balloon is equipped with another energy-absorbing device, more powerful than the first one.

Suddenly, another electric blast arcs from the sky. The clouds part to reveal a Zapdos! It too zaps the balloon, only to have its energy absorbed. Like before, the device soon overloads, and the resulting explosion blows the balloon out over the forest. The weakened Zapdos collapses on the ground, and Brock realises that this is the true secret of the lake: the Zapdos was here to heal itself too. But without the crystal, there's little hope now.

Ash vows to find the crystal and put it back. He and the others head for the area where they saw the balloon go down, and find Team Rocket with the crystal. A battle ensues, but Arbok and Victreebell can't beat Pikachu. In a desperate move, Team Rocket tosses Ash an exploding Wobbuffet doll and take advantage of the distraction to attempt an escape in a Wobbuffet balloon!

Bayleef and Victreebell have a tug of war over the crystal as Pikachu hits the balloon and sends Team Rocket blasting off again. The crystal falls, and Ash has to be rescued by Bayleef as he slides off a cliff in his mad dash to catch it.

Ash swims into the lake and puts the crystal back in the temple, but the glow doesn't return. The electric Pokemon use their own power to charge the crystal just enough to allow Zapdos to recover. Then the Zapdos itself fully recharges the crystal, and flies away. Later, the kids promise that they won't tell anyone about what happened.

Team Rocket is dangling from a cliff. Meowth hollers for help, but who comes along but the Zapdos and it blasts them.

By: Audrey