Episode #247 - I Politoed Ya So!

Ash and friends are enjoying a lakeside picnic with their Pokemon. Everyone loves Brock's cooking, except Cyndaquil who finds it a little spicy. As they all take a nap, Misty's Politoed tries to munch on some extra rice cakes but knocks one into the bushes. It climbs through the bushes after it and meets a young woman who thinks it's her own Politoed and brings it to her house.

The woman has a number of Pokemon including Sunflora, Bellossom, and Jumpluff. The other Pokemon seem scared, which makes her realize that the Politoed isn't hers. However, Politoed's clapping encourages her Pokemon to dance, which impresses her.

Back at the lake, everyone wakes up and recalls their Pokemon to prepare to continue their journey, but Misty notices her Politoed is missing. They start to look for it but fall into a pit trap dug by Team Rocket. Jessie and James cover the trap and see a Politoed with a red headband. Mistaking it for Misty's, they try to persuade it to join them. Fortunately the kids escape from the pit and Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off. Then Misty sees that this Politoed isn't hers.

The Politoed leads them to a large house where they see a girl practising what appears to be cheerleading routines with her Pokemon. They go in, and while the girl is happy to see her own Politoed, she is annoyed with its disappearance. She introduces herself as Tammy, and her Politoed is called Bean. They are practising for the National Cheering Competition. Tammy begs Misty to lend her Politoed for the competition, but Bean feels left out. Misty feels sorry for Bean and wants to help out.

Team Rocket watches from the trees, and makes a plan to capture all the Pokemon to make the boss happy.

First Misty, then Ash try to talk to Bean to cheer it up, but nothing works and it runs away into the woods. Tammy again pleads with Misty to borrow her Politoed. She's sure it can help her win the competition, then she'll be closer to her dream of making people happy with her Pokemon cheering. However, when her Pokemon fall while practising a difficult maneuver, she gets angry and yells at them. The Pokemon start to cry. Misty scolds Tammy for not caring about her friends' feelings, and Tammy realises how single-minded she has become. She cries and asks for her Pokemon to forgive her, and they do.

Just then, Team Rocket shows up in a giant robot shaped like a Politoed. Its tongue extends and captures everyone except for Ash and Pikachu. Ash attempts to run after the robot but falls into a pit trap with a sticky bottom and can't get out. Worse yet, the robot also snatches Pikachu! Victorious, Team Rocket begins their getaway only to be blocked by Bean, who uses its Water Gun to free the captured people and Pokemon.

Team Rocket threatens to stomp Bean, but Tammy rescues it at the last second. She apologises to Bean for being angry with it earlier. Furious at losing their catch, Jessie releases Arbok, but the two Politoed make short work of it. Then they both use Water Gun to soak the robot, making it easier for Pikachu to zap it. The robot explodes, and Team Rocket blasts off a second time.

Later, our three friends depart. They wish Tammy luck in the cheerleading competition, and she says she'll be cheering on Ash in the Johto League.

By: Audrey