Episode #261 - Address Unown

Our heroes are climbing Mount Silver en route to the Pokemon Preserve when their Pokemon notice something. Part of the sky turns purple, and something falls down and hits Misty on the head, which turns out to be an Unown. The purple glow disappears.

Ash checks on the Unown and discovers that it's hot. Misty says that it's sick and worried that it got separated from its friends. When Brock asks her how she knows that, she says that when she was hit she saw into Unown's mind for a second. She tries to explain what she saw but can't find the right words.

The kids decide to set up camp and help the Unown get better. Brock tells the others over the campfire that it's thought that the Unown come from a different dimension. Ash vows that he'll help the Unown find its way home.

Team Rocket watches from a nearby ledge. Realising that the Unown is a rare and valuable Pokekmon, they plan to steal it.

In the morning the Unown is feeling much better and quickly makes friends with Larvitar. However Team Rocket appears and threatens them all. Ash tells Larvitar to use its Hidden Power, but Wobuffet reflects the attack right back at them! The Unown uses its own powers to defend them, and Team Rocket is blasted off by the explosion. When the smoke clears, everyone is gone!

The kids wake up in a weird place surrounded by broken egg shells. The Unown has dragged them into another dimension! A giant Pikachu and Togepi show up but there's no sign of Unown or Larvitar. As they search, they encounter images of the Pokemon they've encountered recently, and Brock theorizes that the Unown might be trying to communicate with them using these images.

Eventually they find a large egg that has been pierced by a black shard. They also see black-and-white images of themselves in the egg, except Ash's image is the only one in colour. Curious, Ash touches the black shard and is pulled into it! The others try to help him but get pulled in as well.

They find themselves back to normal size, only to be chased by a robot and caught in a black net. The faces of three men appear, and Brock realises that this is Larvitar's memory of the men that stole it! The next image is of a Tyrannitar, which has to be Larvitar's mother. The kids watch helplessly as the Tyrannitar is attacked and is badly wounded on its chest. Throughout the scene is a familiar voice calling out for "Mommy". Now it all makes sense: Larvitar doesn't trust humans because of the way it was separated from its mother.

Everything fades, and Larvitar appears in the distance. When the three friends approach they're cut off from Larvitar by black branches which are a representation of its painful memories. Ash is determined to help, and with Pikachu's aid manages to get through the branches. However it's not over yet, as Larvitar now becomes encased in ice.

Brock and Misty plead with it to give them a chance because not all humans are bad. Ash hits the ice repeatedly until it finally breaks, and Larvitar is freed! They all reappear outside the egg, and the black shard vanishes. Then the egg glows brightly, and everyone is back at the camp site.

Ash hugs Larvitar, happy that it's okay. Misty also reassures it, and it stares at her for a moment as if it's going to Harden as usual. Then it relaxes and smiles at her, allowing her to take its hand. The Unown reappears and Ash thanks it for its help, because without it, they wouldn't have been able to understand Larvitar's feelings. The sky suddenly turns purple again, and the kids get a brief glimpe of the Unown's dimension as it leaves.

By: Audrey