Episode #109 - Hello Pummelo

Ash finally arrives at Pummelo Island in the Orange League, where he will battle for the Orange League Winner's Trophy. After having his Pokedex and badges checked out, Ash stops by the Palace of Victory (now called the Hall of Fame), where pictures and footprints of victorious trainers are displayed, amid many Dragonite Statues. Tracey asks about the statues, and Ash looks up Dragonite on the Pokedex. The curator at the Hall of Fame says that Dragonite is a legendary dragon Pokemon that guards Pummelo Island, and after Tracey comments that they must have seen one fly by while riding Lapras, he explains that the gym leader also has a Dragonite, who has beaten nearly every opponent it's faced. Dragonite, meanwhile, lands next to its trainer, Drake, and Team Rocket shows up hoping to steal Draonite, but one Hyper Beam (at Drake's order) clears them out of the stadium.

Back at the Pokemon Center, All of Ash's pokemon use their attacks at once... to wake up his sleeping Snorlax. Nurse Joy comes by upon hearing the commotion, and explains that since Snorlax ate about an hour or so ago, it won't wake up again until it's hungry in a few days unless there's danger. Ash realizes what now must be done, and sends Snorlax to Professor Oak. Unsure of who to excange for, he decides to use the same beginner's luck that won him the first round in the Indigo league, and chooses one member of his herd of Tauros instead of Kingler or Muk, who've battled before. Ash is happy to have Tauros on the team, unlike Team Rocket, who can't find a way to grab that Dragonite... until they hear (by way of a passing truck with speakers) of a battle the next morning that is between Drake and a new challenger.

Morning arrives, and Ash is off to battle in the Pummelo Stadium. He and Drake greet with the traditional handshake, and Drake wishes luck to Ash before the battle. TR notice that Ash is the challenger they heard about the night before, which makes things more interesting. To battle, Drake leads with Ditto, while Ash sends Pikachu. Ditto transforms, and both Pikachus use Thunder, then Thundershock, and all that happens is one or the other takes the shock with little pain, but then the rock crumbles away. Ditto, accustomed to this, navigates the debris with ease, while Pikachu has a hard time. Agility is ordered next by both trainers, then another electric attack, which seems to get the better of Pikachu. Quick Attack is ordered next, and when the two meet, they discharge loads of electricity, and Pikachu gets the upper hand, finishing Ditto by charging his tail with electricity and smacking Ditto with it. Tracey realizes that Pikachu was in better shape than Ditto, and won bec! ause of that. Drake recalls ditto and sends out Onix, a Rock/Ground type that's not affected by electricity. Ash sends Squirtle, a move Drake anticipated. Squirtle leads with Water Gun, but Onix uses Dig and dives underground to avoid the attack. Ash tells the nervous Squirtle to dive into the pool at the center of the rocky field, but Onix emerges just before Squirtle can get there. Onix uses Bind, and the squeeze prevents Squirtle from attcking with Water Gun, so Ash orders Withdraw to raise Squirtle's defense. Drake thinks he's got the round, but Ash orders Hydro Pump, the strongest water attack and a move that Squirtle does from inside its shell. Onix can't escape the fury of cold water, and after a good dousing, is KOed by a Skull Bash. Ash recalls his tired Squirtle, and Drake recalls Onix and sends Gengar. Since Ash doesn't have anything that's strong against Ghost (or Poison) Pokemon, he decides to send Tauros, and hope for the best. Drake sees this as an anticipated ! slip on Ash's part. Ash calls for Fissure attack (a one hit KO move), and the first shake really rattles Gengar, but when the real Fissure is headed for the ghost, it jumps at the last second to escape. Gengar casts Confuse Ray, and has Tauros soon attacking the rocks on the field. Ash recalls Tauros, and sends Lapras, thinking Ice Beam might work. Gengar casts Hypnosis to put Lapras under, and Lapras goes under... the water, that is. Lapras swims over to Grengar, out of reach of the Hypnosis attack, and uses Water Gun to weaken it. Gengar leaps up, and attacks with Night Shade, but Lapras counters with Ice Beam. the two attacks collide, and explode in a powerful blast as the episode ends.

By: R6