Episode #82 - The Lost Lapras

The blimp crashes on an island which they think is deserted. They are suddenly surprised by a small group of old tourists who are specifically interested in Pikachu. They arrive in Pokémon Park, a tourist destination on the island, and they spot a group of guys beating on a Lapras with a stick. They rush to stop them, and they all start a Pokémon battle.

They are interrupted by a boy named Tracey who is studying the Pokémon. He makes a few comments on the health of each of the Pokémon, then comes upon Pikachu, and asks to measure Pikachu's voltage. The gang behind him attack, and Pikachu chases them all away with a thunder bolt. A demonstration good enough for Tracey. They enter the Pokémon center to help Lapras, and they notice a sign that is advertising the Orange League.

In order to enter the Orange League, you must first defeat the Orange Crew, and then you can compete at various gyms throughout the Orange League. Ash is excited at the possibility of competing in this, and rushes to phone Professor Oak to ask if he'd mind a delay in getting the GS Ball. Tracey is excited to see Ash and Misty talking to Professor Oak, he always wanted to meet Professor Oak, and so he decides to come along with Ash and Misty so he can go to Pallet to meet him.

They try to think of ways to make Lapras feel better, even a lullaby, but Jigglypuff takes that as her cue, and puts everyone to sleep, and scribbles on everyones faces.

After waking up, Team Rocket burst in with a trap, and attempt to steal Lapras. They begin to ride away as Ash and the gang catch up to them with Bicycles with the help of Tracy's Venonat locating them. They jump onto the truck, and manage to get rid of Team Rocket, and try to steer the free rolling back of the truck around a few edges of the cliff. They make it, and Lapras gains a trust for Ash, and decides to go with him.