Episode #90 - The Joy of Pokemon

Ash and friends are riding on Lapras. Ash was polishing the GS Ball. He then saw water kicking up over the horizon. They think it's a motorboat, but when it roars past, they realize that it's a kayak being rowed by a dark-skinned Nurse Joy. They decide to follow it and see where she was going in such a hurry.

Seconds later, Lapras reaches a remote island that the kayak is beached on. Tracey starts to track some footprints in the sand, and, after Ash retreats Lapras, he and Misty follow. A giant Magikarp flies out of the water, and onto the beach, where it floped around. The dark-skinned Joy came over, and gave Magikarp calcium tablets. Magikarp was happy once again. Nurse Joy picked it up, and threw it back into the water. Ash and friends were commenting on how strong she was.

The three introduces themselves. Ash's stomach then growls. Nurse Joy invites them to a clinic on the island for lunch.

Later, Joy and Chansey paddles off in their kayak, while Ash and friends follow. Joy was quick, Ash was slow, and now Nurse Joy was out of site. After baddling for a while, the gang sees Joy and Chansey's kayak, but they were gone. They thought that a Gyarados might have flipped their kayak over. They they see something pink, thinking it might by Chansey. It turned out to be Jigglypuff, and the three paddled quickly away.

After a few minutes, they stop, and see Nurse Joy and Chansey. Ash and friends were releaved that Nurse Joy wasn't hurt. She was just treating a sick Cloyster. Ash and friends then follow Nurse Joy and Chansey down to treat a Shellder. As Ash was watching, a Dewgong grabbed him from behind.

Joy takes them back to the clinic, and apologizes about the Dewgong incident. Nurse Joy then told them a story. When she was a young girl, she found a baby Magikarp on the shore. She took it home and treated it. When it was better she set it free. Months later, she and her family (all Nurse Joys.) were on a boat ride when she fell into the water. The same Magikarp that she had treated saved her. She tells Ash and his friends that it was that day that she decided to spend her life caring for Pokémon. The Magikarp from earlier is the same one.

The wind was blowing hard, and Joy and Chansey had to treat a group of baby Seel on another island. Ash and friends insisted she don't go, but she went anyway. Like usual, Ash followed, and so did Misty and Tracey.

The sea was rough, and Ash and friends see Nurse Joy paddling. A huge wave flipped the gang's kayaks. It turned out that Nurse Joy had to save the gang. Then they go to an island.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket watch from the Magikarp sub. They plan to steal both Pikachu and Chansey, and Meowth uses their secret weapon (wait, did he call James, "Jimmy"?). He hits a button on a remote control, and a missile fires out of the water directly towards Nurse Joy and the rest. It explodes, and a net falls around them. Team Rocket surfaces, says their motto, and tease Ash and his friends.

The giant Magikarp comes to tackle the fake Magikarp, but isn't strong enough. It evolved into Gyarados, and knocked Team Rocket away. Gyarados broke the net, and set Nurse Joy and the rest free. Finally, they went to treat the baby Seel.